1. Cordoba

Cordoba is an exotic destination, even for local people. Colorful history and affluences from the arabic cultures reflect not just the architecture but to the mystic ambiance of this area. Probably the most visited attraction in the area is The Mezquita (Spanish for Mosque) of Cordoba. Its one of the largest Islamic mosques in the world and reflects many religious changes this area has undergone. Its hundreds of gigantic arches are truly impressive and makes the visit worthwhile. Another place to stop is Alcazar castle with its grand garderns and high walls. This former residence of Christian monarchs, site of the Courts of the Holy offices and later even a prison, represent a perfect Cordoban architecture through the ages.  



2. Casares

This pittoresque whitewashed village only has a population of three thousand inhabitants and yet its one of the most beautiful places you will visit.  This stunning small village is set in a mountanious landscape with spectacular views to the Mediterraneas sea and the North African coastline. Streets are narrow and steep providing real authentic experience for all Touring Cars guests.  Park your motorhome at the top of the village and take a short hike at the surroundings filled with delightful flora and fauna. This is also a perfect place to visit local taverns and taste typical cuisine of Costa del Sol and Malaga region with lots of seafood, meat on the grill, chorizo sausages, green peppers and lots of more. 

3. Huelva

Pristine empty beaches and one of the most beautiful national parks to explore, Huelva is considered as the mysterious corner of South-West Spain. This area is an area you want to see if you value unspoiled nature.  Eastern side is dominated by Donana, the biggest protected marshlands with virgin beaches and high dunes. On the west small fishing villages with local taverns with an amazing selection of local delicacies.

4. Old town sevilla

Post card like sceneries  and great ambiance. City of Sevilla and especially the old town is full of stunning cobblestone streets with old fashioned street lamps creating an unforgettable atmosphere. White washed houses with colourful patios and picturesque plazas with tens of cafés  provide an excellent setting for a perfect afternoon. Take a ride on a horse-drawn carriage through the winding alleys and taste the local delicacies at the Plaza de Espana square. This is one of Sevilla´s most impressive landmark because of its scale and grandeur. This very impressive plaza covers over 50,000 square-meter area and its surrounded by Renaissance style buildings and complemented by a canal flowing under the several footbridges. This "Venice of Seville" is one of the most romantic settings you will ever visit. 

5. National Parks in Almeria

This paradise on the Mediterranean is still one of the only places free of mass tourism. This is where you will find the clearest and bluest water of the Mediterranean and softest sand for your toes. In other words this is perfect area for any outdoor activities from swimming to hiking. This is Andalucia´s largest protected area which holds some of Europes´s most original geological features; extensive coral reefs, tiny rocky islands and of course teeming wildlife. This piece of paradise is considered as a subtropical desert and the driest place in Europe. 


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