Estonian Islands with rental motorhome

Feel the breeze of the sea wind, taste the local delicacies and enjoy the feeling of freedom with your five star rental motorhome. This route takes you through the most beautiful landscapes and exciting places.  

Day 1

Arrival to Touring Cars camper rental station close to Tallinn Airport.

Touring Cars camper rental station to Keila-Joa about 40 km

In Keila-Joa is the third powerful waterfall in Estonia.  Near the waterfall is a 2-3 hour long health trail. In the immediate vicinity of Keila-Joa is a former hydroelectric power station and a beautiful manor, which can be admired from both inside and outside. There are many events and concerts taking place in the manor- find the schedule by clicking here .


Keila-Joa to Haapsalu about 90 km

From the beginning of 19th century, Haapsalu has been a popular resort town among both Estonians and other nations, but especially among the Russian nobility. Haapsalu is like a piece of another era- the lacy wooden architecture in old town, a beautiful beach promenad, cozy cafes, warm seawater and famous therapeutic mud. The ruins of bishop’s palace is defenitely worth a visit. It is a place where the most famous ghost Valge Daam (White Lady) lives.

Astrid Lindgren’s Estonian book illustrator Ilon Wikland  spent her childhood summers in Haapsalu.  She even lived there until 1944, when her grandparents put her on the ship that fled to Sweden from the Soviet Union’s ocupation. Ilon’s grandparents house in Haapsalu is open as a nifty and fun children museum- Ilons Wonderland. To see more info click here.

Camping suggestion: Camping Pikseke

Rental Camper tour East Europe Picture Visit Estonia

Day 2

Haapsalu to Rohuküla Harbor about 10 km

Rohuküla harbour is the place where ferries depart to Vormsi and Hiiumaa. For more information about Vormsi (Rohuküla-Sviby) ferry schedule and booking details click here .



Vormsi Island

Vormsi is the forth largest island in Estonia. Vormsi is a suitable holiday destination for people who are looking for untouched nature, peace and quiet and are interested in Rannarootsi history. 

Day 3

Sviby Harbor (Vormsi Island) to Rohuküla Harbor to Heltermaa Harbor (Hiiumaa Island)

Hiiumaa (Rohuküla-Heltermaa) ferry schedule and booking information is available by clicking here .

Hiiumaa Island

Hiiumaa is the second largest island in Estonia. Hiiumaa is known as its famous lighthouses. The most famous lighthouse is Kõpu lighthouse, that is one of the three oldest continiously working lighthouse in the wolrd. Ristna and Tahkuna lighthouses are designed  in the world famous engineer Gustave Eiffel’s office. If the weather is cold enough in the winter  the longest iceroad in Europe (24-27 km long, depending on ice conditions) is open between the mainland and Hiiumaa. The people of Hiiumaa are known as their nifty humor. Hiiumaa  is very popular among  vacationers in the summer. Therefore there are many events taking place such as Sõru Jazz and Hiiu Folk. One of the most famous and popular events is Kohvikutepäev (Cafe Day), when 15 different one day cafes are open in homegardens. For more information about Hiiumaa and the events click here.

Heltermaa Harbor to Kassari about 20 km

Kassari is connected to Hiiumaa with a causeway and is famous for its picturesque juniper forest. From Kassari goes one of the most romantic walkway into the sea – Sääretirp.  In addition, you can visit Finnish writer Aino Kallas’ house, where she  spent her summers in 1920 and in the late 30s.

Kassari to Kärdla about 25 km

Kärdla is the only city in Hiiumaa. Around 450 million years ago a meteorite fell down near Kärdla and resulted Kärdla crater that is now barely noticeable. Due to the meteorite crater skewed limestone layers the groundwater is under pressure and bursts to the surface. Everyone can drink cristal clear water from the well of the Aia-Pikk street corner. You can see many fountains on Aia street, all of which are caused due to artesian water.

Camping suggestion: Kärdla Harbor

Day 4

Kärdla to Kalana about 50 km

On the way from Kärdla to Kalana be sure to visit historic Ristimägi, Kõpu Lighthouse (one of the wrold’s thee oldest continiously working lighthouses), The Soviet Union military bases in Lehtma and Ristna(1939-1993),  Peeter the Great Naval Fortress component in Ristna (1912-1917), Tahkuna and Ristna lighthouses.  

Camping suggestion: Kalana Camping

Rental Camper tour -Kõpu Lighthouse. Picture: Visit Estonia

Day 5

Kalana to Sõru Harbor about 50 km

Hiiumaa - Saaremaa (Sõru - Triigi) ferry schedule and booking information is available by clicking here

Saaremaa Island

Saaremaa is the biggest island in Estonia, which symbols are post windmills, local beer and things made of juniper wood and dolomite  (called the local marble).  Saaremaa is a very popular place to visit both in summer and winter. There are many events throughout the year for example  Saaremaa Opera Days (Saaremaa Ooperipäevad) and Saaremaa Rally. For more information about Saaremaa click here .

Triigi Harbor to Panga pank about 32 km

Panga Cliff is the highest northern coast banks in Saaremaa and Muhumaa (21,3 m). On the way to the Panga Cliff  be sure to visit Angla windmill mountain near Leisi.

Panga pank to Kuressaare about 42 km

In Kuressaare, Saaremaa’s only town, is a well preserved old town and  bishop’s castle from the 13th century. The bishop’s castle is unique in the Baltic States. 

Camping suggestion: Hotel Meri Caravan Park

Tour with a rental Camper at Panga cliffs

Day 6

Kuressaare to Muhu Island about 65 km

Muhu is the third largest island in Estonia that is connected to Saaremaa with a causeway over the Väike strait( Väikese väina). Koguva Village is definitely worth a visit. It is one of the most outstanding examples of the peasant architechture in Estonia from 1880-1930. Koguva open-air museum is unique because it is a village where people nowadays live and get their income from tourism.

Camping suggestion: Aki Camping

Day 7

Kuivastu Harbor (Muhu) to Virtsu Harbor about 7 km

Kuivastu – Virtsu praami)  ferry schedule and booking information is available by clicking here .

Virtsu to Pärnu about 73 km

Pärnu is the forth largest city in Estonia and is Estonian summer capital.Pärnu is the most popular holiday and resort town thanks to the warm sea water, long sandy beach and beautiful parkland. The year of 1930 was the 

resort’s heyday when sanatoriums and hotels were built. By that time Pärnu became the most favourite place for Scandinavian tourists. The internationally recognized resort town has to offer something for everyone.

Pärnu to Lottemaa Playland about 12 km

Lottemaa is a hugely popular cartoon character’s theme park in Estonia. There are more than 100 attractions toys and toy machinese. Find more information by clicking here .

Pärnu to Touring Car camper rental station about 147 km

Returning of the motorhome to Touring Cars camper rental station.


Pick up: Tallinn, Estonia

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