Capital of Sweden is famous for its Royals, Abba and Old Town (Gamla Stan). We also know Stockholm for its hip hangouts, lively bar culture and fine dining. When you pick-up your Rental Motorhome from Stockholm it is recommended to save few days for this gem of the North before heading to picturesque fishing villages, medieval cities of Sigtuna and Uppsala and the beaches of Ystad. 

Swedish culture is labeled by adventures of characters like Pippi Longstocking, Pelle Svanslös and Kurt Wallander, the protagonist of Henning Mankell’s novels. Swedes love midsummer, so don’t miss out this originally pagan festival that celebrates the longest day of the year with good food, company of friends and of course few schnapps. Skål

Day 1

Picking up the rental camper from Touring Cars motorhome rental station close to Arlanda airport from Märsta.

45 kilometers north from Stockholm is Uppsala that is famous for its historical atmosphere. Past is present all around the city in fabulous architecture and museums that reveal stories from the old times. One of the great scientists of 19th century, Carl Linneaus received his education in these hoods. He became famous for devising the modern classification system for plants and animals. Linneaus spent his early years studying medicine at the University of Lund and botany at Uppsala. His house and botanical garden can be visited in Hammarby, Uppsala.

Pelle Svanslös Hus is a theme park -house that is famous for the cat with no tail. Pelle Svanslös is a sympathetic cat who is bullied due to his loss of tail.  This story from 1939 illustrates the importance of tolerance and friendships.

80 km Västerås used to be important trading center during Viking times. Today it is an industrial center and headquarters of ABB, engineering giant Asea-Brown-Boveri.

Motorhome rental in Sweden

Day 2


Lake Mälaren has about 100 different historical castles, palaces and country houses around its shores.

60 km: Arboga is a prosperous old town, lying on the iron route between Bergslagen and Stockholm ports.

40 km: Örebro offers enjoyable promenade via Svartå river and free salmon fishing, so remember to pack-up your rods!

115 km: Karlstad

Camping Mörudden Resort, Möruddsvägen 700, 663 33 Skoghall

Day 3

Karlstad, a market town ever since medieval times

100 km north of Karlstad is Moose-World,  you are up for a treat when driving your rental camper to the "king of the forest". Try a moose safari and go trekking in the mountain with alpacas.

75 km: Åmål, the old market place and port for timber from Norway and iron to Gothenburg. Town offers the milieu for Swedish movie director Lucas Moodysson’s first movie ‘Show me love’ that made it famous in 1998.

37 km: Köpmannebro’s old waterways are connected into Dalsland canal, designed in 1860s.

10 km Vita Sannar Campingen, 464 93 Mellerud

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Day 4

Driving the rental camper on the west coast where landscapes of shores of Golf Northern Sea are very different and rough from the East coast of the Baltic Sea.

90 km Tanum is a world heritage site famous for rock carvings that date back to Bronze Age.

35 km Strömstad, beach holiday resort

51 km Fjällbacka, another holiday resort, where also famous actress Ingrid Bergman spent some summers.

Vetteberget has a huge gorge called Kungsklyfta, which was a setting for Astrid Lindgren´s Ronja the Robbers Doughter

Nordens Ark, Nature Park and zoo cater specifically for endangered species. Particularly enjoyable for families as there are special children´s activities all around the park.

Along the western coastline there are several camping places to choose from.

Day 5

Lysekil lies at the far end of the Stångenäset peninsula, by Gullmarsfjorden which is the only real fjord of Sweden.

Town has aquarium “Havets Hus” devoted to the marine and plant life found off the Bohuslän Coast. The town´s past is still visible in its beautiful architecture and traditions like fishing and bathing.

60 km Uddevalla is famous for shipbuilding and houses a history of seafaring in Sveriges Sjömanshusmuseum.

80 km Gothenburg, this maritime metropolis has for centuries been one of Sweden´s gateways to the outside world as can been seen when walking along the Göta river. Spectacular modern buildings, Gothenburg Opera and Utkiken contrast with the city´s historic monuments of Kronhuset and East India Company Building.

SAAB car factory in Trollhättan (50km inland) with waterfalls on the canal linking Lake Vänern to Göta river.
Volvo cars has visitors center at Torslanda plant in Gothenburg for the auto mobile enthusiasts.

Liseberg amusement park and several other parks of sport and gardens offer space for small break, entertainment and for a relaxin nap on in the comfort of your rental motorhome.

Several camping grounds in vicinity of Gothenburg

Day 6

77 km Varberg has a fortress Varberg Fästning, from 17thcentury, housing a local history museum.
Since the 19th century the town has been famous for its bathing. You can pick from cold curative baths in Kallbadhuset built in Moorish style or swimming from the rocks.

72 km Halmstad was the largest town on the west coast in the Middle Ages. Remains of this era can still be seen in the inner city with its half-timbered architecture. The Castle was built by Danish King Christian IV.
Children will definitely enjoy visiting Miniland and Tropikcenter.

85 km Camping at First Camp Mölle, Kullabergsvägen 286, 260 42 Höganäs

Day 7

33 km: head to Helsingborg ferry port if you fancy crossing the Öresund in 20 minutes to Helsingör, Denmark.


Perhaps for a day trip or more, if visiting Copenhagen Tivoli as well.

If you decide not to drive to Denmark this time with your rental motorhome, along the shore of Öresund there are several towns with fortresses and landmarks of Danish and Swedish history, e.i. Landskrona. Just North of Landskrona there is an island of Ven, where Tycho Brahe set up his underground observatory, in mid-16th century. His discoveries in astronomy paved the way for a new view of the universe.

55 km: Lund is an old Danish capital, with perfectly preserved street cottages and town houses in Kulturen.
Old domkyrka (cathedral) and surroundings can tell the stories from the Middle Ages. Lund University is the largest seat of learning in Sweden, with around 40,000 students.

20 km further to South, the 8 km long Öresund Bridge was completed in 2000 and now links Malmö, Sweden with Denmark and Continental Europe.

Camping First Camp Malmö AB, Strandgatan 101, 216 11 Limhamn

Day 8

Malmö is the country´s third largest city, founded in mid-13th century. The city has a lively distinctly European athmosphere and has become a center for contemporary art and design.

Day 9

35 km Skanör - Falsterbo, the twin towns at the far end of Skåne’s south-western cape are idyllic seaside resorts. The Middle Age ruins of Falsterbohus and Museum tell their stories from the past and still working light house shows the safest way for tomorrow.

25km to East lies Trelleborg with a remarkable re-creation of a Viking fortress, based on the original from 10th century that was likely built by King Harald Blue Tooth. In a short distance towards west is Skegriedösen, a Stone Age burial mound, the type only found in southern and western Sweden.

60 km coastal road Ystad welcomes you to a visit in a medieval church and monastery. Region of Skåne charms with countryside sceneries, gardens and castles. Spend few days here if you are into sports like golf and tennis and appreciate good food and wine.

Österlen has the most fertile land in Sweden and across the rolling plains are many of the country´s most treasured ancient monuments, grandest castles and forts and oldest churches. Idyllic fishing villages are dotted like pearls on a string and the entire region has become a haven for painters and writers.

Camping Regenbogen Åhus, Kolonivägen 59, 296 33 Åhus

Day 10

If you continue to drive your rental motorhome on shores of Baltic Sea, you can see how the vegetation and also the atmosphere changes due to history.
55 km Mörrumsån, hosts Laxens Hus (Salmon World) which gathers together everything to do with fishing. Every year since 13th century salmon fishing attracts enthusiasts to try their luck in Mörrumsån river.

70 km Karlskrona, the naval town, has been inspired by both Versailles and Rome. In 1998 the town was declared to be a Unesco World Heritage site.

90 km Kalmar is one of the oldest cities in Sweden and was of a great importance in the Swedisch-Danish wars.

20 km inland Glass Kingdom, had history of glass already before Kosta, Boda and Orrefors.

Stensö Camping & Fritid AB, Stensövägen 100, 392 47 Kalmar

Day 11

From Kalmar the bridge takes your rental camper to island of Öland, the paradise for birdwatchers, nature lovers and sun worshippers.

65 km North of Kalmar, Oskarshamn, ferry to island of Gotland with sandy beaches and medieval towns and Viking ruins.

Visby, the capital of Gotland is now a Unesco World Heritage site.

70 km: In Vimmerby you can Astrid Lindgren´s World. Lindgren’s writings are translated into 90 languages, making her one of the world´s most-read children´s authors. The most famous characters of her more than 80 books are Pippi Longstocking, Madicken, Emil from Lönneberga and Children of Bullerbyn.

135 km: Vadstena, situated on Lake Vättern, is dominated by the abbey of Vadstena Kloster, which dates back to the 14th century and St Bridget and the mid-16th-century castle of the Vasa kings. St Bridget is the patron saint of Sweden and in 1999 became the patron saint of Europe. In 1370 she gained the Pope´s permission to found a monastic order, the Brigittine Order.

6km Camping Vätterviksbadet, 592 94 Vadstena

Camper rental in Sweden

Day 12

13 km, Göta canal, the blue band of Sweden is the high point of Swedish engineering history. It took 22 years to build a waterway across Sweden from the Baltic Sea to join to already completed Trollhättan Canal and provide a route through to the Kattegatt.

120 km Kolmården Zoo, attractively landscaped zoo, with a drive-through Safari Park which brings visitors close to the creatures of the savannah who live here alongside Nordic species such as brown bears and wolves. There are also Dolphinarium, an outdoor Tropicarium and Aparium.

Camping 5km west of the zoo
First Camp Kolmården, Sandviken, 618 34 Kolmården

Kolmården zoo with a rental camper

Day 13

The closer to the capital area you drive your rental motorhome, more populated the landscape becomes and the country roads lead you to the historical mansions and palaces with importance. Industrial villages with picturesque old wooden houses, cafes and shops invite you for a stroll and “fika” (to have a coffee and a pastry). To avoid driving in greater Stockholm, you could cross Lake Mälaren by Strängnäs and Enköping in order to return to Touring Cars motorhome rental station, so why not to save an extra day and night and visit historical town of Sigtuna. 85 km Sigtuna, Sweden´s second oldest town was founded in 980. Ruins of 3 of original churches still remain and attractive Main Street is lined with colorful wooden buildings and follows the original route. Still in use today is the 13th-century church of St Maria, the oldest brick built church in Mälardalen. 22 km Camping Skokloster Camping, Skoklostervägen 47, 746 96 Skokloster, Ruotsi

Day 14

30 km Märsta, Touring Cars camper rental station, return of the rental motorhome on appointment and possible transfer to Arlanda airport before return flight.


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