Motorhome rental prices &
One-way fees

Camper rental price is formed from the base charge and the daily rental rates. Each calendar day will be charged.

Our camper rental stations are open daily from 8:00 - 18:00. However we are happy to provide our motorhome rental services at any time of the day in case needed, but it is good to note an additional fees may apply if either the pick-up or the drop off of the motorhome is ourside these office hours.

Free transfer service from the main airport is always included in Touring Cars Motorhome rentals

Camper rental prices include all following services. 

  • Confirmed appointment possibility for pick-up and drop-off services 24 / 7
  • We allocate as much time to customer service as required. Average duration of a full orientation at pick-up is 1–2 hours
  • Fleet consists of latest models of quality motorhomes driven always less than 100 000 km including speciality categories such as Luxury for all you can dream of driving
  • Insurance is always included in the rental
  • Navigation is included as default for all rentals
  • We also have a great variety of different additional items that can be booked according to clients wishes
  • Pre-rental cleaning and personal preparation of the rental vehicle
  • Priority check-out and ready made packages available for hassle free holidays
  • Free of charge information package giving the client good insight to travelling with a motorhome and to our destination countries. Available at the rental stations
  • Instruction videos available online
  • Linen exchange free of charge. Clients can replace any linen and bedding for a freshly laundered supply during their stay at any of our rental stations
  • Winter tires are always included and free of charge

There also a long list of additional items that can be booked and added to your rental motorhome for an enhanced holiday experience.

In addition priority check-out and all-inclusive packages are available for hassle free camper holidays.

Daily price for each camper rental category varies depending on the season and destination.

Please click here for the availability and price quote for your specific dates.

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One-way motorhome rentals

With Touring Cars motorhome rental you have the possibility to return the motorhome to a different location than where the pick-up was.

One-way rentals are available for an additional fee for as low 450€ / per one way. total.
One-way rentals include 2 bottles of gas and priority rental checkout with post rental check-up. One-way fees and availability are dependent on the location, and the one-way fee is included in the rental total shown on the online booking engine, if applicable.

This is your opportunity to save time and experience more! 


Additional driver 49 €


Late / Early service surcharge

Our motorhome rental stations are open on appointment basis in Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, UK and Spain. Price for rental services between 18:00 – 08:00 is 149€. Rental pick-up and Drop-off in Iceland is available only between 08:00 – 18:00.


Final Cleaning
Enjoy your holiday and leave the cleaning for us!
170€ per rental.


Pet cleaning fee
Pets are welcome on a holiday against
a pet cleaning fee of 199 €.
This option has to be booked and paid in advance.


City Transfers
From / to downtown locations (one-way price)

  • Helsinki 98 €
  • Rovaniemi 54 €
  • Tallinn 98 €
  • Trondheim 169 €
  • Bergen 79 €
  • Stockholm 169 €
  • Oslo 169 €
  • Rygge 169 €
  • Trondheim 169 €
  • Reykjavik 169 €

Airport services

Additional airport transfers

  • Skavsta (Nyköping, Sweden) 259 €
  • Västerås, Sweden 259 €
  • Torp (Sanderfjord, Norway) 399 €
  • Moss (Rygge, Norway to Gardermoen) 259 €

Airport transfers free of charge

We offer transfers free of charge for the following airports:

Please note that Free Airport Hotel transfers are only available for these airport areas. 


TC Plus - 1200 € deductible, 9 € / day

TC Premium - 600 € deductible, 19 € / day

TC Total - 0 € deductible (one damage, in case several TC Premium deductible), 49 € / day

Windshield and tire protection, 7 € / day

Minimum purchase is 7 days in TC Plus, TC Premium and Windshield and tire protection. TC Total minimum purchase is 10 days. More information about insurance deductibles and conditions in General Info section

Price list for optional extra items

As well as providing you with a beautiful quality motorhome, we have gathered here some optional extras to choose from to make your holiday even more comfortable. From a camping set to child booster seats, choose the ones you need. If there is something that is not listed here please contact us and we will do our best to get it for you. 

*Law requires that all children up to 135 cm travel in specialized baby, child or booster seats. Please inform us the heights and weights of your child. Baby seats can be attached to the house part seating group by using the three-point seatbelts available. Client is always responsible for attaching and using the baby seat.

Baby / Child seat
Under 135cm traveller
55€ / Seat

Children´s booster seat
Childer taller than 135 cm
19€ / seat

Baby cot
folding (pop-up) baby cot  (Baby under 6 months)
55€ / Seat

Bed linen set
Blanket, pillow, towels. pillowcase and sheets
51€ / per person




Extra Bed linen set
Towels. pillowcase and sheets
25€ / per person




Gas Bottle
95€ / bottle 

(Sweden, Norway and Iceland)
49€ / bottle
(Finland and Estonia)


Coffee machine
Works only when the vehicle is connected to electricity grid!
19€ / per vehicle


12 v to 230 v
4€ / day



BBQ set
Coal grill, coals, igniting fuel and matches
39€ / rental 


Camping set
Table and chair for each person
4€ / day

Toilet chemical
Required if client wish to use chemical toilet
22€ / bottle

Vehicle leveling blocks
Free of charge


Navigator device
Free of charge


These items can be added to your rental to make your holiday more enjoyable. Please book any additional items well in advance to ensure availability. Touring Cars guarantees availability only for advance reservations. If you have not booked yours yet, ask our representative for possibility to add some items, once you pick-up your vehicle.