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News: Touring Cars collaborating ‘Gordon, Gino and Fred: Desperately Seeking Santa’ Christmas show


There have been many rumours going around for several months - but now it is official! 


Gordon Ramsay, Gino D'Acampo and Fred Sirieix visited Finland in November 2020, to film ‘Desperately Seeking Santa’ Christmas special for ITV. 

During this extraordinary culinary Christmas adventure in the Nordics, Gordon, Gino and Fred explored the magical Finnish Lapland and sought seasonal spirit in their own hilarious way. Their journey, throughout Lapland surrounded with snowy forests and under dark blue sky where only stars and northern lights shone their road, was made safely and conveniently with a Christmas decorated premium motorhome. Touring Cars, one of the oldest motorhome rental service providers in Europe, was selected to be the partner to provide a suitable vehicle with additional accessories and festive decorations for this TV project. 

We are always ready to serve global organisations and meet their commercial demands on a tight schedule. In this ITV Christmas Special filming project ‘Desperately Seeking Santa’ our motorhome played an essential role. As Touring Cars is a European-wide motorhome holiday service provider and vehicle sales organisation, we were able to supply the TV team with many options, to get the most practical model for the shooting and to choose the best vehicle interior visuals that look the most attractive through a TV camera, not to mention the best possible and safe motorhome with easy driveability and modern functions for a convenient and carefree road trip in winter conditions’, states Miia Mustonen, Marketing Manager from Touring Cars Franchise chain.

‘German made Hobby motorhome was furnished, decorated and delivered according to the wishes and the agenda of the TV crew. Additionally, as our local Arctic Circle rental station in Rovaniemi is currently run by an entrepreneur who has a long experience in tourism in Lapland, especially in adventure travels in the Nordics and Russia, we were able to provide a special added value to the TV channel in this project’, continues Mustonen from the head office in Finland. 

Touring Cars highlighted the historic fact that film and TV projects have been written into the foundations of this organisation since its establishment in Finland in 1982. Legendary movie Gorky Park, where Hollywood star Lee Marvin played the leading role, was one of the first international rental customers to whom Touring Cars provided an individually equipped motorhome to use it as a break and dressing room while filming the movie in Helsinki. 

Touring Cars latest commercial TV collaboration ‘Gordon, Gino and Fred: Desperately Seeking Santa’ Christmas special show is available on ITV Hub.

Safety / COVID: Safety Travel with us 08/2020



Enjoy Safe Travel with Touring Cars
Published on August 13th 2020

Customer satisfaction and safety have always been our fundamental cornerstones in our business since we started in 1982. Shall we share some facts on how your safety and convenience is covered on Touring Cars holiday in Europe and in Russia.


Preparing the journey

Please be aware of the latest travel instructions:  Updated information and links published by European Commission

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Check the situation of boarders in your destination country. Updated reports of boarders in Europe published by European Commission

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The situation with the usage of face masks varies in each country. However, we’d recommend wearing face mask always on public places and using hand sanitizer liquid regularly. There will be plenty of hand sanitiser dispensers at the airport and at Touring Cars rental station as well as in many local shops during your road trip. However, we’d recommend keeping always your own small bottle with you. (Note: maximum 100ml bottle in your hand luggage when arriving by plane)

Pack smart and prefer soft luggage for your journey. We recommend to pack only necessary items with you to avoid large and heavy luggage on the plane and in the rental vehicle. Most of the rental motorhome models have plenty of room for your luggage but we recommend using soft suitcases to fit them better inside the luggage compartment of the camper. In many rental locations we offer you the possibility to leave your empty suitcases at our rental station until your return.

When arriving by plane, please check the latest instructions of your airline company. Please remember to inform also the local Touring Cars rental station, if some changes are made with your flight to re-schedule airport transfer services and pick-up procedures. 

Vehicle pick-up: All our pick-up and drop-off procedures have been individually scheduled to guarantee a proper and safe orientation for vehicle as well as a convenient drop-off and condition check-up procedures. 

Are you a first-timer with a motorhome? It does not matter. All you need is a valid B driving license. You can start becoming familiar with this popular travel type already at home and we provide you with a proper orientation for your rental vehicle at the local rental station. 

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Young drivers are advised to check the minimum driver age requirement on one’ s destination country. Please visit the country page where you will pick-up the TC rental car.

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Prefer card payments and check the settings of your credit card. Credit card and contactless payment with debit card is generally recommended in Europe. Remember to check the validation of your bank card in the destination country and ensure an adequate maximum daily payment limit before your holiday to avoid any inconvenience with payments or bond reservations at the pick-up. Please read more thorough guidelines for motorhome rental on our Guideline subpage.

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Your wellbeing is always our first-priority

On Touring Cars holiday, you will always receive a fresh, clean and well-maintained vehicle. All our premium campers in each category are driven less than 100.000 km and each vehicle is required to go through four independent, standardized check-up processes. To provide you superior holiday settings with the highest convenience, our rental vehicle will be fully equipped and customised for your needs with clean and safe items. Also, all daily procedures and functions inside the car will be explained thoroughly at the pick-up.  

In all our operations at Touring Cars, we follow the guidance of local government and public health officials. As regional situation and practices vary every week, we, kindly, ask individuals to stay informed and follow the guidance of local health authorities.

We make all necessary precautions to ensure your healthy and safe journey with us. All operations in our local stations across Europe are unified with operational policy and safety procedures. According to our standard measures, we always pay special attention to cleaning contact surfaces of motorhomes and business premises to prevent the spread of seasonal diseases. Our motorhomes are maintained and cleaned by our own personnel to guarantee the best possible safety and hygiene. Additionally, we have started to conduct additional procedures such as extra deep cleaning measures in our motorhomes and at rental stations. 

To minimise the risk of contamination at the rental station, we also conduct additional procedures such as regular surface cleaning at the office, limiting physical contacts and keeping propriate distance between persons. We also take special attention towards handwashing hygiene and provide plenty of hand sanitiser dispensers at the office. 

All pick-up and drop-off procedures are individually scheduled to streamline all our core functions and to minimise unnecessary encounter of people at the station. Thus, we appreciate to be informed if any changes may occur on booked time frame on your arrival or while returning the vehicle.

Holiday cancellations 

If for some reason you are not able to take a safe journey with us and you need to cancel your vehicle booking due to a personal reason, or a suddenly published travel restriction, please check our cancellation policy and general rental terms.

Alternatively, we offer you a great opportunity to postpone your motorhome holiday. If you have to cancel your holiday due to the imposed governmental restrictions, you are most welcome to postpone your booking by claiming a travel voucher that corresponds to the amount paid for your initial reservation. Traveling time for bookings, that are claimed by a voucher, ends on December 31st, 2021. All holiday cancellations must be announced to Touring Cars immediately, or latest by the departure date, in order to be eligible for a travel voucher. Kindly notice that certain cancellation fees might apply for postponed bookings. Terms and conditions concerning the option to postpone, are valid until further notice.

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If you require special assistance or need more detailed information on our vehicles or booking process, please do not hesitate to contact our International Sales office: phone +358 9 849 4050

Partnerships: New Franchisee in Finland 07/2020


Announcement published on July 31st 2020

Congratulations Finland!

An important player in the tourism of Northern Finland and the leading motorhome rental chain in the Nordics join their forces to develop tourism in Lapland, Finland

CEO of Wild Nordic Finland and Rovaniemi Best Park, Sami Päivike expands his operations to a motorhome rental business and join the European-wide Touring Cars franchise chain. The local rental business in Rovaniemi, started already in 1995, will be transferred from license owner company of Touring Cars to a company owned by Sami Päivike as of October 1, 2020. At the same time rental station will move to the Santa Claus Village. Both parties believe in great synergy and opportunities this collaboration provides to development tourism in Lapland.

More information

  • Veijo Tiitinen, Managing Director Touring Cars:, tel. +358 40 707 3616
  • Sami Päivike, CEO Unique Creations International and Wild Nordic Finland:, tel. +358 50 5544356

Image bank inquiries

  • Miia Mustonen, Marketing Manager Touring Cars:

News: Lifestyle report on MTV News in Finland 05/2020



MTV3 television channel in Finland 

News: Interest in motorhomes has doubled 



(News translated in English below)


The increased demand for motorhomes has surprised rental companies. In particular, new customers have activated. According to Finland's largest motorhome rental company, rental volumes have doubled compared to last year. 


The Finns have rediscovered the beauty of nature during a corona spring, which is why many people dream of a corona-safe nature holiday in Finland. The demand for a mobile cottage, i.e. a motorhome, has surprised positively motorhome rental companies which rely mainly on international customers. 

0:35: Interview: Veijo Tiitinen, Managing Director of Touring Cars 

We are known for European wide rental business and have always served international customers. But due to the corona, they are not able to come. At first, we many cancellations was made. But now, in last two or three weeks, domestic customers have woken up and we have received a lot of inquiries. 


The highest demand is for the most popular holiday season from Midsummer (June) to the beginning of next school year (August). Most of them want to rent a large motorhome. 

0:59: Interview: Antti Hamari, Managing Director of Suomen Matkailuautovuokraus 

We have faced unprecedented demand, because people have realized that, at the moment, this is a safe way to travel. Far from other people and you can go independently anywhere you want. 


According to Touring Cars, Finland's largest motorhome rental company, as many as half of the rental customer during this spring have been first timers in motorhome travelling. 

1:15: Interview: Veijo Tiitinen, Managing Director of Touring Cars 

Domestic customers are currently making more than twice as many bookings as during the same period last year. Let’s see how numbers will go up, but we’re very optimistic to make a great year with domestic customers. 


Prices of family motorhomes vary according to seasons in different companies. The weekly price ranges from 1250 to 1800 euros at the most popular time. 


Interviewer: Has Corona raised prices? 

Interview: Antti Hamari, Managing Director of Suomen Matkailuautovuokraus: 

No, this is not an aggressive money-making situation. Actually, the situation is at the moment that our booking fleet calendars are starting to be quite full, but there are still some customers from Central Europe who will most like cancel their trip, so there will be room for Finnish customers. Now, really, the situation is that we have started to understand how quarantine has affected all people. Anyhow, at times we have been asking customers to contact our competitors with their inquiries. 


Rental companies have taken seriously the enhanced disinfection cleaning in accordance with corona regulations, which is even done by using respirators on their face. 

Partnerships: New Franchisee in Bulgaria 04/2020



Congratulations Bulgaria!

New rental station has been opened in Sofia

We warmly celebrate our newest franchisee with a strong background, dedicated support and fruitful business prospects ahead. 

Touring Cars Bulgaria is officially opened its doors in the largest city of Bulgaria - Sofia. Please read more about this excellent motorhome holiday destination.

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Partnerships: New Insurance Partnership 03/2020



Introducing new partner

Solution to reduce your decuctible/self-liability level

Touring Cars has partnered with Riverside Underwriting Ltd to bring you an insurance, which is managed by Canopius Managing Agents Limited.
Riverside Underwriting Limited is an insurance intermediary acting on behalf of the insurer.

The option is available through Touring Cars booking engine when adding extra items to the motorhome rentals.

Safety / COVID: Rental Procedure Announcement 03/2020




Safety Procedures at Touring Cars
Published on March 2020

For almost 40 years, Touring Cars has been providing ‘Good Feelings’ getaway holidays in Europe with premium motorhomes. Currently we are operating in 12 different countries as a franchise network. Due-to the effect of COVID-19 epidemic, all markets, industries and consumers are in unexpected situation. Currently, many holiday journeys and plans are cancelled on personal reasons or due to the restrictions of local Government. Allow us to provide you with our latest announcement of travelling with Touring Cars motorhome in Europe. 


Touring Cars is closely monitoring the World Health Organization (WHO) and local health agencies for the latest developments related to the epidemic situation and following the guidance of government and public health officials. As regional situation and practices vary every day, we, kindly, ask also individuals to stay informed and follow the guidance of local health authorities.

We have made all necessary precautions to ensure your healthy and safe journey with us. Whenever you want to travel and enjoy freedom again inside your country or somewhere else in Europe, our local rental stations are waiting with open doors to serve you again.

Rental bookings in Europe and Russia

For traveler with existing individual reservations, we, kindly, ask you to contact directly our international sales office ( / +358 9 849 4050). 

Your safety and wellbeing is always our first priority

All operations in our local stations across Europe are unified with operational policy and safety procedures. According to our standard measures, we always pay special attention to cleaning contact surfaces of motorhomes and business premises to prevent the spread of seasonal diseases. Our motorhomes are maintained and cleaned by our own personnel to guarantee the best possible safety and hygiene. To fight against this fierce epidemic, we have started to conduct additional procedures such as extra deep cleaning measures in our motorhomes and rental stations, limiting physical contacts and taking special attention towards handwashing hygiene to minimize the risk of contamination.


To those who already want to plan and prepare their next holidays, we suggest to utilise our local inspirations provided on our web site and social media channels, in order to enjoy a convenient start for a safe holiday in Europe when this exceptional situation will gradually be passed. 


We want to wish you all the best!

Let’s fight against this global crisis together. And thank you in advance for putting your trust in Touring Cars as you plan for future travels.

Partnerships: Manchester station from now on Chester 03/2020




Superior services and great location remain the same - only the name of the station will change

Our Manchester rental station has changed their name into Chester. This station in England is a logistically excellent destination to start a road trip in the UK. Chester provides airport transfers from both Manchester and Liverpool airports.

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Partnerships: New Franchisee in Scotland 03/2020



Congratulations Scotland!

We are excited to launch our brand new rental station in UK

Station provides a perfect starting point for travelers who keen to discover local tastes of magnificent Scotland and its iconic landmarks comfortably driving with luxurious rental motorhome. Airport transfers are provided from both Edinburgh and Glasgow.

With a rental motorhome your customers can navigate at ease Scotland’s newest route, the North Coast 500. It spans the north coast of the Highlands taking in the best bits of this glorious region. Passing the northern city of Inverness, it weaves along the west coast to Applecross and then northwards towards the towns of Torridon and Ullapool. From there, it´s easy to venture to some of the most northerly coastal points in Scotland, passing by Caithness and John o' Groats before heading south again through Dingwall and finally back to Inverness. 

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Partnerships: New Franchisee in Russia 03/2020



Congratulations Russia!

Unforgettable and safe camper holiday in the biggest country on the globe is now available 

Russia, the largest country on the planet, is definitely monumental and like no other place to visit. Starting from our Moscow station, motorhoming is safe and the most convenient way to experience everything that Russia has to offer. Our fully equipped, self-contained and sanitized rental campers and 24-hour high quality Touring Cars local support services guarantee a stress-free and safe holiday for all Touring Cars guests.

Holiday destination requires a visa. For a short-term visit, you can easily apply for Russian eVisa. Please visit 

Do you want to get a glimpse of a road trip around Moscow metropolitan area? Please take a look at this local video.

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News: Brand History pages has been published 02/2020




Our exciting journey has been published online

With inspirations from Russian market and a bit of a touch of Kuopio; Touring Cars was born under the northern stars in the Eastern part of Finland. The exciting journey started in 1982 from a small town in Finland and this story still continues as a European wide international franchise chain concept.

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