Traveling across the countryside in an RV can be a very exciting, rewarding experience, particularly if you're going through countries like Finland to absorb their rich history. However, finding the right motorhome for you and your family can be a tough task all its own. This is why motorhome rental isn't a topic you should take lightly.

Renting the right motorhome will ensure that you and your family have a fantastic time out on the open road. It will also ensure that you won't have to stop five times a day for basic needs like showering, eating or sleeping. So, before you rent, let's go over a few things to keep in mind.


1: Fuel Mileage

In Finland, this would be “kilometers,” of course, but the same principle applies. You want a motorhome that has good fuel mileage. Don't waste your money on a motorhome rental that's only going to give you a few KM per the gallon. Look for something that has good highway numbers, like 50 KM/per at the least. You don't want to spend a fortune in petrol during your Finland excursion.

2: On-Board Amenities

What types of on-board amenities does the motorhome have? Of course, you're going to be looking for something with a bathroom and a bedroom, but also make sure the motorhome rental you choose has an eat-in kitchen with a stove and fridge, enough fold-out beds for the family, and a shower that works well enough to actually get you clean.

3: Available Entertainment 

Another aspect to focus on with motorhome rental is the on-board entertainment. Kids aren't going to sing 99 bottles for the entire trip. They're going to want things like movies, music and video games. Make sure the motorhome you go with actually has some good entertainment on board. You can help this along by bringing your own board games and such to play on the road. All Touring Cars motorhomes have on board tablet computers.

4: Inspected Elements

Every country's laws are different, but just know that Finland doesn't joke around about properly inspected vehicles. A lot of motorhome rental locations may be renting out RVs with faulty brakes, broken taillights, and other elements that could lead to disaster. Make sure you get an RV that's properly inspected.

5: The Right Size Parameters

Size matters for an RV, especially as it pertains to where you're going and the size of your party. For instance, you don't want something so large that the police may mistakenly pull you over for weigh-stop violations. But you definitely want something that's large enough to comfortably house your entire family.


Take your time when selecting the right motorhome rental option. Going through Finland can be a very fun and exciting time, but not if you get the wrong RV.