Helsinki, the Capital of Finland is not the biggest Scandinavian city but its perfect for to be explored with a motorhome. Roads are wide and there are not too many of other vehicles around. Even free parking is still available. Where else you can park the motorhome in the city centre and enjoy a night out? We have gathered  here below also some other reasons why Helsinki is the place to visit.

1. People. 
Even the finns are not the most welcoming people in the world,  they are always happy to meet new people and welcome new guests (with their motorhomes) to their city. I suppose the uniquenes comes from the authentic feel of it. Finns don´t have meaningless gestures or polite manners that does not actually mean anything. Its simple, if you get a compliment from a finish person he really means it. 

2. Seaside. 
Yes, Scandinavian summer is not the longest but the archipelago is the most beautiful in the world. Helsinki city alone has over 300 islands and over 100km of shoreline. Motorhome is perfect way to explore at least some of them.

3. Food. 
No fancy tricks but honest food, wild and pure. Definately local! There are plenty of small outdoor markets where you can find delicious ingredients to prepare gourmet food in your motorhome.

4. Design.
Finnish design is well know around the world. Collect your Alvar Aalto furnitures of Iittala glass products from Helsinki downtown. Finland is also home for Angry birds and Moomins.

5. Fresh. 
Finland has only 5,5million people and over one million lives in Helsinki metropolitan area. That´s it. This guarantees fresh air and pure nature. 

6. Sauna. 
Did you know that we have as many sauna´s as we have houses? If that´s what you fancy, dont leave Finland before having a true sauna experience.

7. Jean Sibelius. 
2015 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of the world known finnish composer. 

8. Silence. 
As said, there are not that many people living here. Our protected areas will relax your body and mind. Therefore this is a perfect get away option for you. 

9. Coffee.
Finnish people are the true coffee addicts. Actually finns are the heaviest drinkers of coffee in the world. 

10. Events. 
Especially in the summer months all streets, parks and other public places are filled with all types of events.