North Wales Route


Motorhome trip from Chester Rental Station

Trip duration:
7 days


Get ready for the greatest adventure of your lifetime with magical landscape views, crystallized lakes and breathtaking moments.

From local perspectives to foreign visitors from all over the world.
Not many understood how Wales entertains millions of visitors who keen to fulfill memories with the finest excursions, exotic activities, and modest discoveries.
Sandy beaches, golf parks, fun-loving adventures and backpacking. Combine your routes with the greatest hidden gems of North Wales! Hike to the top and jump to world´s fastest Zip Lane establishment. Park your luxury rental camper at the parking area for a while and lets be part of the most fascinating experience of a lifetime! 

Whom do we recommend it to?

We recommend this to everyone from families with small children to anyone who feels young at their heart. For free spirits with an ultimate adventure hunger and for colleagues who are looking for the enormous escapism from the progressive world. It is also greatly recommended to those who desire to strengthen team bonds and who find it difficult to get inspired for the years ahead.  

Day 1
Touring Cars Chester Rental Station

Touring Cars Chester Rental Station is located in the soul of England, Manchester, close to which you can find exclusive facilities, extraordinary services, beautiful landmarks and the greatest outdoor activities. The rental station offers the once-in-a-lifetime experience with a different exploring perspective, the luxury motorhome.

After your arrival to Manchester International Airport, you will be transferred to the rental station. Pick your five-star home base up comfortably and get ready to be a part of something unique!

Amongst unforgettable experiences and the key to freedom, Chester Rental Station prepares each rental with exclusive service care and professional support. A detailed orientation prepares the driver(s) for the right usage of the motorhome and profoundly explains the traffic regulations that is needed from to each driver.

DAY 2-3
Available from Touring Cars Chester Rental Station in a distance of 44.8 km

Welcome to Plassey Leisure Park

What else could be more luxurious than an exclusive wellness establishment in a picturesque Dee Valley? The establishment was built in an enormous farm territory, most certainly with camper van enthusiasts in mind. 

Indoor swimming pools, fishing ponds, nature reserves and many more! Be part of the local traditions and try to hit the ball in a scenic golf land. Courses, shopping centers are only few of those extra elements that make one´s journey joyful.

Available from Plassey Leisure Park within an 18.3 km distance

The adventurous Llangollen

If outdoors pursuits and an active holiday attracts you, then we recommend to including a Llangollen destination to your route. Catch performance of the bulkiest festivals! How about rafting and trail riding? Get connected with local heritage by the medieval Llangollen and be mesmerized by the Wales landscapes at the Victorian Panorama!  


Available within a 52.4 km distance from Llangollen

One of the world´s best regions to visit, the Snowdonia National Park

Surrounded by rural mountains, the area is rich with rattle river glades which slowly drift down from the breathtaking hillsides. Hundreds of pathways welcome true travelers of different kind with bridleways and serene views. It is not a coincidence that Lake Bala was named the biggest natural lake of Wales. 

There is something for those who found passion in cycling. Are you a fan of mountain biking? From the top to the bottom, one will find true happiness within this astonishing area! 

Available within a 28.4 km distance from Snowdonia National Park.

Make the time epic, visit Barmouth

Relax and notice the details. Experience the ancient elements around Barmouth and test your adrenaline limitations at the most epic spot of Wales. Something special is going on here. It is the mountains that seek for respect, and that meet sand and sea.

Barmouth is a spontaneous getaway with true charismatic characteristics. Spot the oldest parts and embrace local legends of The Rock. Meanwhile, take a fresh walk at the harbor or enjoy one of those exotic boat rides. Spot the locals in their natural habitats from far away - Beware of the Mako sharks!

Available within 34.9 km distance from Barmouth

Iconic Portmeirion.

Iconic architectures, moody shops, topnotch restaurants and wellness recreations. Visit Portmeirion and agglomerate between self-gathering villages. Festive opportunities for hosting special events and spa establishments invites you to take a quick stop at the most iconic, yet movie settled Portmeirion.

Available within 17.7 km distance from Portmeirion

Roll, play, jump! 

Outdoor activists, this is your spot to stop! Be true to Britain and own the title of the World´s Best Zipline Titan from the underground to the top, filled with rope bridges and trampoline recreations, in Blaenau Ffestiniog.


Available within 18 km distance from Blaenau Ffestiniog

Magical Alpine atmosphere? Betws Y Coed, here we come!

Stop the world for a moment and breathe the North Wales atmosphere in! Visit the adorable cafes, take a tour at the galleries and take a short break at one of those award-winning restaurants which increased Blaenau´s popularity in the past few decades. One will find something to be passionate about. Adventure parks filled with wide range of possibilities and homemade crafts await those who enjoy familiarized holidays in a premium level! 

DAY 10
Available within 62.1 km distance from Betws Y Coed

The most versatile area is the top of Wales!

Do you want to see historic villages combined with natural water walls? We hope that you hear the call to explore as much as we do.
A place where one meet with history, as these elements commemorate the atmosphere. Dyserth never leaves the past behind with its magical railways and trams. We recommend you to visit St Bridget´s Church and explore the heritage trail which takes travelers to the Dyserth´s well-known waterfall. This cultural beauty is decorated with castles and filled with stunning panorama landscapes.


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