Touring Cars is happy to inform that this versatile and suprisingly modern destination is now ready for bookings! 

We are excited to offer you Poland as our brand new destination. Poland offers many historical and versatile locations around the country definitely worth a visit. For example, history and beauty blends perfectly in the capital city Warsaw while the Bialowieza forest gives an amazing overview of the nature. The unique medieval locations, beautiful scenery and interesting city attractions are all there to make a vacation in to a magnificent experience. Poland's rental station welcomes tourists with warmth and love. 




Warsaw is unique city and our newest station! Book your luxury rental motorhome from Warsaw and explore the beautiful Poland






Krakow is beatiful city and roads to Krakow from our Warsaw station are in nice shape. Book your luxury rental motorhome from Warsaw and drive 4 h and 30 minutes to Krakow!






Wroclaw is kids favourite! This entertainment city offers something for everyone.  Book your luxury rental motorhome from Warsaw and drive 3 h and 40 minutes to Wroclaw!



Are you interested taking your camper rental to somewhere different and interesting? This camper journey leads you trough the most historical and versatile destinations in Poland. Poland is great for its medieval locations with several old castles and churches. The most popular cities are Krakow and Warsaw which are also part of this camper journey. Other amazing destinations like Gdansk and Malbork with its unique castle are also counted in for you to experience. The cities can be visited at any time of year because the museums, restaurants and nightlife serve perfectly no matter the weather. Choose Poland as your next destination on wheels to experience a truly unique vacation!



1. Warsaw

Your camper rental journey begins from the historical Warsaw. This city has been the capital of Poland for over 400 years. It’s also the largest city in the country though it was almost completely destroyed during World War II. After the war it was rebuilt into a successful historical and cultural center, and the Old Town was also completely restored.

The city offers unforgettable experiences with its perfect blend of history and beauty for travelers of all ages. On your camper journey in Warsaw you should definitely take a closer look at the mesmerizing churches and palaces, not to forget the cozy cafes and fun clubs this city offers.

Best tips for vacation in Warsaw

2. Krakow

The next chapter of your camper journey leads to the city of Krakow. It is the most popular tourist destination in Poland with its many must-see destinations.

It’s also culturally and politically very important city. As we know, the history of Poland isn’t all that happy and this city is a big part of that past, which can be still sensed in its atmosphere to this day. For example, the Oskar Schindler factory is an essential place to visit if you’re interested in that part of history.

The Old Town and the former Jewish district are still bursting with cafes, stores and pubs. The Main market square on the other hand, is like a medieval experience for all your senses.

Best tips for vacation in Krakow

3. Bialowieza forest

This destination is different as it takes your rental journey in to the nature of The Bialowieza Forest. It’s one of the UNESCO World Heritage locations which makes it very special.

The forest once covered much of Europe. Now the remnants of its primeval forests stand at the border between Poland and the Republic of Belarus. It’s also very special for being the only forest out there where the European Bisons live free like they once did throughout Europe. In addition to the bisons there are many other inhabitants to see on guided tours on foot or in horse-drawn carriages.

The area also has several great towns and villages around that are worth a visit.

4. Malbork

The next destination is the medieval town of Malbork. It’s mostly known for its huge gothic castle that was ordered built in the 13th century. The castle consists of three castles which makes it the world’s largest brick castle. You can also see some of the most glorious views from the fortress.

Some of the most fascinating medieval relics in Europe can be found from Malbork. The city is an amazing spot to visit for its beauty, history and architecture. Be sure to take your camera with you for some unique photos.

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6. Gdansk

The last destination of your rental journey takes you to the beautiful port city, Gdansk. It is the largest and the most significant city at the Baltic coast of Poland. It’s also the most popular place to visit at the coast and many people get there from around Europe if not the whole world. The city has a small, beautiful and versatile old center, where you can find almost everything you need on daily bases. The beautiful street views, carefully detailed façade, number of museums and old-fashioned atmosphere give the city an excellent frame. The place also offers some very interesting history.

You should also check out the largest brick church in the world called St. Mary church that’s located in the city.

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