Basic deductible, includes to the vehicle rental.
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All of our rental prices include TC Basic deductible level which covers the accident repair costs exceeding your deductible/self-risk amount.

In practice this means that even without any additional insurance your responsibility is limited to one deductible amount per damage unless the damage is caused by negligence or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  If you have more than one damage you are responsible for all damages separately. i.e  If you have one exterior damage exceeding your deductible value you pay one deductible. If you have another accident with your rental vehicle you are required to pay another deductible.

With TC BASIC your deductible / self-risk level is as follows; 

  • Bulgaria 2800 EUR
  • Norway 28000 NOK
  • Sweden 28000 SEK
  • Finland 2800 EUR
  • Estonia 2800 EUR
  • Madrid 2800 EUR
  • Barcelona 2800 EUR
  • Malaga 1500 EUR
  • Latvia 2800 EUR
  • Iceland 2800 EUR
  • Chester 1500 GBP
  • Glasgow/Edinburgh 1500 GBP
  • Russia 2800 EUR
  • Croatia 2800 EUR


This does not cover damages with windshield or tyre. Please see "WINDSHIELD AND TYRE PROTECTION - OPTIONAL, TC" . 

Or whether you want to purchase one wide package, please see "EXCESS REIMBURSEMENT POLICY - OPTIONAL, 3.Party".