Good Feelings' motorhome holiday in Bulgaria

Good Feelings' motorhome holiday in Bulgaria

7 reasons to visit Bulgaria 

Are you a travel enthusiast who wants to opt for a diverse but also an affordable travel destination this year?


Bulgaria is a birthplace of a remarkable scenery, whose traditions, architecture, and cuisine were influenced by the Eastern and Western cultures. Experience a handful of emotions, while travelling through the rugged mountains, ancient towns, broad meadows and enjoy a gentle sunlight, while relaxing on pristine beaches of the Black Sea!  

Choose a motorhome holiday to explore easily this diverse destination and experience countless exciting, unparallel moments with your friends or a sweetheart. We have collected 7 reasons to inspire you to choose a motorhome holiday in Bulgaria.

Photographer Dimitry Anikin on Unsplash

Tyulenovo, Bulgaria: Dimitry Anikin Unsplash

1: Black Sea coastline  

The eastern part of Bulgaria offers an access to the Black Sea along the country’s entire coast! To treat vitamin D deficiency after a long and a dark winter, head to the Bulgarian coastline. Here, you can take up a road trip along the coast in search of the most picturesque locations for sunbathing and swimming purposes. Note, that it is already warm here starting from March onwards!  

We recommend visiting the charming coastal villages such as Burgas, Pomorie and Nessebar. For unique views, visit Veleka Beach, where you can spot an amazing natural sight of Veleka River flowing into the Baltic Sea. Share Instagrammable photos with your friends on social media to inspire them to visit Bulgarian coast at least once-in-their-lifetime!  

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Asenovgrad, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria: Yuliyan Grozdev Unsplash

2: Marvellous mountains 

The south-western part of Bulgaria is filled with numerous mountains from which awe-inspiring views are opening. Here, you can either hike and bike in pristine national parks of Rila and Pirin, or, go on an active holiday to affordable ski resorts such as Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo.  

Don’t forget to take a camera to capture these amazing views and share them with us later using hashtags #touringcarsholiday, #keytofreedom, #goodfeelings

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Haley Phelps Unsplash

3: Spa and wellness facilities  

Bulgaria is an epicentre of cold and hot mineral springs in Europe. There are more than 700 registered mineral springs in the country. Come to Bulgaria and do a round trip around the country’s best mineral springs and enjoy the healing power of water.  

Here, you can get away from the hectic atmosphere of the city life and enjoy a serenity of geothermal hot springs under an open sky with a breeze of fresh air.  

Change your backyard everyday with a motorhome

Herbapatistyle on a Touring Cars motorhome holiday

4: Enjoy affordable price level

Bulgaria is a budget-friendly destination in Europe. Enjoy its low prices for plane tickets, dining, amusement and sport activities!  When you are travelling outside the high summer season prices for motorhome rentals are much lower. 

Additionally, if you want to explore Bulgaria and Balkan Peninsula for a longer period, we, at Touring Cars, drop our prices!  

Enjoy our offer of 2% off daily rates for rentals with a duration from 15 to 29 days; 11% off daily rates for rentals with a duration from 30 to 44 days; and 20% off daily rates for rentals with a duration from 45+ days for a more enjoyable motorhome holiday!  

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Mechi Chal, Rhodope Mountain, Bulgaria: Stefan Vladimirov Unsplash

5: Bulgarian cuisine 

Tease your taste buds with Bulgarian mouth-watering dishes. If you have already been to any Balkan country, you will quickly realize that food here has great similarities with other countries in the Balkan Peninsula and it shares number of dishes with the Greek and Turkish cuisine.  

We recommend giving a try and ordering in a local restaurant baked pastry “banitsa” or “börek”, cold soup “tarator” or spicy soup “shkembe chorba”, traditional Bulgarian grill dishes such as “kebapche” and a “baklava” for dessert.  

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Al Soot Unsplash

6: Romantic Rose Valley 

Bulgaria is the biggest rose-oil producer in the world and the rose-oil outsourcing industry poses a great importance for the country. Annually, thousands of tourists visit The Rose Valley as well as seek for the best beauty products with a scent of true Bulgaria!   

The Rose Valley is not defined geographically, but rather it is a term used to describe the rose fields around the cities of Kazanlak and Karlovo, which are located in the central part of Bulgaria.

Rose Festival is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a must-see event that you do not want to miss on your motorhome holiday in this incredibly welcoming country!   

Kazanlak is the place that holds an annual Rose Festival since 1903, which takes place from the beginning of June and lasts until the end of the month. During the Rose Festival, visitors have an opportunity to join the rose picking activities in the early morning, attend the rose coronation and the rose festival parade, where they can see traditional Bulgarian folklore dance, listen to the music, and they can see the production of the rose oil and take souvenirs back home.   

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Parga, Greece: Calin Stan Unsplash

7: Great location for travelling abroad 

Bulgaria is a great destination for travellers who want to start their holiday here and continue exploring neighbourhood countries as well. By renting a premium motorhome with us, you can easily travel to countries such as Turkey, Romania, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and much more. If you are planning a trip outside Bulgaria and want to know which countries you can visit with our rental motorhome, simply send a message to, and our sales team will assist on your matter.  


More inspirations

Bulgaria is an excellent year-round destination which has wide range of activities, unique spots and incredible experiences to offer, and satisfy even your highest expectations for a getaway or an active holiday. We are sure that each individual will find something unique on their road trip in Bulgaria. 

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