Safe travel with us

Safe travel with us

Safe travel with Touring Cars

Up-to-date guidelines for motorhome travellers


Customer satisfaction and safety have always been the fundamental cornerstones in our business since we started in 1982. Here are some facts on how your safety and convenience is covered on Touring Cars holiday in Europe.

Preparing the journey

Please be aware of the latest travel instructions published by European Commission 

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Check the border situation in your destination country. See updated borders reports in Europe published by European Commission 

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The situation with the usage of face masks varies in each country. However, we would recommend wearing face mask always in public places and using hand sanitizing liquid regularly. There will be plenty of hand sanitiser dispensers at the airport and at Touring Cars rental stations as well as in many local shops during your road trip. However, we would recommend keeping your own small bottle with you at all times. (Note: maximum 100ml bottle in your hand luggage when arriving by plane)

Pack smart and opt for soft luggage for your journey. We recommend packing only necessary items with you to avoid large and heavy luggage on the plane and in the rental vehicle. Most of the rental motorhome models have plenty of room for your luggage but we recommend using soft suitcases to fit them better inside the luggage compartment of the motorhome. In many rental locations we offer you the possibility to leave your empty suitcases at our rental station until your return.

When arriving by plane, please check the latest instructions of your airline company. Please remember to also inform the local Touring Cars rental station, if some changes are made to your flight, to reschedule airport transfer services and pick-up procedures.

Vehicle pick-up: We schedule all our pick-up procedures individually in order to guarantee a proper and safe orientation for your rental vehicle, as well as post rental condition check-up procedures at the drop-off.

Opt for card payments and check the settings of your credit card. Credit card and contactless payment with debit card is generally recommended in Europe. Remember to check the validation of your bank card in the destination country and ensure an adequate maximum daily payment limit before your holiday, to avoid any inconvenience with payments or deposit and additional items at the pick-up. Please read more thorough guidelines for motorhome rental on

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Are you a first-timer with a motorhome?

It does not matter. All you need is a valid B-driving license. You can start becoming familiar with this popular way of travelling already at home and we provide you with a proper orientation for your rental vehicle at the local rental station.

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However, young drivers are advised to check the minimum driver age requirement on one’ s destination country.

Please visit the country page where you will pick your TC rental vehicle up.

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Your wellbeing is always our priority

On Touring Cars holiday, you will always receive a fresh, clean and well-maintained vehicle. All our premium campers in each category are driven less than 100.000 km and each vehicle is required to go through four independent, standardized check-up processes. To provide you superior holiday settings with the highest convenience, our rental vehicle will be fully equipped and customised for your needs with clean and safe items. Also, all daily procedures and functions inside the car will be explained thoroughly at the pick-up.

In all our operations at Touring Cars, we follow the guidance of local government and public health officials. As regional situation and practices vary every week, we kindly ask you to stay informed and follow the guidance of local health authorities.

We make all necessary precautions to ensure your healthy and safe journey with us. All operations in our local stations across Europe are unified with operational policy and safety procedures. According to our standard measures, we always pay special attention to cleaning contact surfaces of motorhomes and business premises to prevent the spread of seasonal diseases. Our motorhomes are maintained and cleaned by our own personnel to guarantee the best possible safety and hygiene. Additionally, we have started to conduct additional procedures such as extra deep cleaning measures in our motorhomes and at rental stations.

All pick-up and drop-off procedures are individually scheduled to streamline all our core functions and to minimise unnecessary encounter of people at the station. Thus, we appreciate to be informed if any changes may occur in booked time frame of your arrival or return of the vehicle.

Holiday cancellations

If for some reason you are not able to take a safe journey with us and you need to cancel your vehicle booking due to a personal reason, or a suddenly published travel restriction, please check our cancellation policy and general rental terms.

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If you require further assistance or need more detailed information on our vehicles or booking process, please do not hesitate to contact our International Sales office ( / +358 9 849 4050)


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