Best graduation gift ideas

Good feelings - Unique Experiences - Sensing the ultimate Freedom - Independency

Surprise graduate with a premium motorhome holiday

1. Order a gift card

Contact Touring Cars International Sales Office to purchase an electronic gift card with an amount you wish giving as an experience gift card.

The gift voucher will be valid for all TC destinations booked from the TC International Sales office within one year from the purchase date

Gift Cards

Contact Sales Office


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2. Pre-book online

Book a short weekend break for your soon-to-graduate son / daughter / grandchildren / godchild or a longer adventurous family vacation from one of our rental stations in Europe.

Pay only a 200 € booking fee and the remaining payment will be due 45 days before the journey starts.

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Premium motorhome holidays in Europe since 1982


10 starting locations - Fully equipped & customized accommodation - Standardized services - Well-maintained homelike vehicles - 24/7 Road service - Unlimited mileage - Airport transfers - With standard B driver's license  

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10 locations, 8 countries

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Book with only 200€ Booking fee

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