Best One Pot Camping Meals


What else can be more fascinating than a great company outside in fresh nature? Even the taste of a meal feels better when you prepare it with great company around the campfire. Let your guts away, even with our luxury motorhomes, cooking inside or outside of your van brings people together. 

Visiting restaurants can be exotic too, but somewhat nothing smells more fascinating than a delicious BBQ

Take a tour to local shops and get to know the local delicates! Include interesting spices and hint it with a mixture of your knowledge or take a tip from us below! A prepared BBQ or a simple camping meal allows you to plan your trip along and stick to the time spent yearlong. 

A quality time with family is nothing without a well-prepared one pot BBQ. These camping meals are perfect on-the-go options which allows you to get some energy to your next nature hike or family-oriented event buzz too. 




Camping is so much fun with family outdoors! As much as we keen to see more with our motorhome, our time is limited to prepare much by cooking all day long.



Are you someone looking for an easy-option for all? Than prepare your chop sticks and put on your robe, these are the best recipes you been waiting for!

In fact, you better to take it slow and do not rush to see more. We invite you to enjoy every moment of your holiday with a motorhome and plan ahead if possible. 



One pot meals are practical, since it requires only few elements and do not turns all the ingredients into waste. Our motorhomes are fully equipped with premium kitchen equipment and dining ware which provides the maximum comfort at your arrival. 




Any foil packs are beneficial for a camping enthusiast. The question is about the quantity. Foil packs are generally meant to prepare for a long run and especially if you have a family! This time, our favorite dish includes chicken with honey sauce and bit of a touch of a potato roll. 

The recipe:

Step 1. Place the foil packs and divide them into small packages which looks like a bird´s nest. 
Step 2. Our kitchen accessories enables everyone to be a master chef! Depending on your style and the potato size, cut the potatoes into half or pieces which suits the best in such foil packs. 
Step 3. Place them into the bottom of the packs and cheer them up with some sliced tomatoes as well which will mesmerize the taste.
Step 4. Hint the potatoes with salt, pepper and cumin
Step 5. Top the potatoes with a chicken breast. Brush it with a local honey sauce just as nice as it should be or save a little for the rest. If needed, spice it with a slight amount of salt, pepper and garlic!
Step 6. If you are as picky as we, then place some vegetables on the top according to your needs. 
Step 7. Close the package and start to grill, but make sure to leave some space to open up in case the veggies would be ready too soon. 

Bon Appetit!



Some pepper, onion, chicken, cheese and your family will be head over hills! Prepare the dish with rice or tortilla, anyhow this one pot easy-to-make meal will strongly blow you away.

The recipe:

Step 1. It is relevant to prepare your foil packages again and count them into four. Make sure it is double layered and not weak package at all.
Step 2. Make sure the chicken is without any bones
Step 3. Prepare red pepper, large red onions, oil, chili powder, cumin, paprika, tomatoes, garlic or garlic powder, sour cream and salsa
Step 4. Place the ingredients into a light bowl which is located in your motorhome and start to mix everything with the spices as well.
Step 5. Hint the inside pack with tiny oil and ready to place the mixed ingredients to the packages
Step 6. Place it on a safe spot by the campfire and ready to grill the package from twelve to fifteen minutes
Step 7. Serve with tortilla or simply with rice which is easily prepared from the backyard of your motorhome.




Chicken, parmesan and vegetables. What a delicious combo! Who would not be in love with our foil package status quo? See the recipe below!

Ingredients and guidelines:

Step 1. All you need is some zucchini, veggies according to your needs, oil, basil pesto, pepper & salt, garlic or garlic powder, onions or onion powder, red paprika powder, mozzarella, parmesan and of course, chicken breast. 
Step 2. Place pesto, salt, pepper, paprika with veggies, zucchini and onion into your Touring Cars bowl and mix the ingredients gently. 
Step 3. Now is the time to make sure that the foil packages are thick as much they could, otherwise the veggies will go to waste. Cut them into pieces depending on the size of family and layer the foil packs 2-3 times. 
Step 4. Place the vegetables on the center of the foil package and place the chicken breast according to your needs. Make sure that the foil package is covered fully and do not fall out from the package. 
Step 5. After 15 minutes of cooking and grilling the package outside, make sure to open up the foil at some point with a tong or spoon. Shower the chicken breast with some parmesan cheese. Close the package and grill the meal for 8-10 more minutes. 

Disfrute de su comida!


The Best Choice for Families

Its much comfortable to prepare for days ahead, especially when traveling with family and friends. Less dirty dishes, easy access to ingredients and quickly prepared dishes are essential when we are spending times outdoors. 

Sit back and enjoy the most exotic taste of a real motorhome lifestyle. Comfort, safe travel and fully equipped camper vans with spacious design at the kitchen and dining area are meant to prepare your holiday mood for the better! Nothing is difficult with a motorhome. 






Secret is all about the rich and fresh Swedish ingredients. Sauce with less amount of sauce is a must and do not make a mistake overcooking the pasta! All you need is an instant pot and a bowl which comfortably available in your motorhome.

Recipe? Here you go:

Step 1. Choose the meatballs from the local market and go with the flow. 
Step 2. Take low salted meat sauce. You will need a spoon of 2. 
Step 3. Plan to bring along some Worcestershire sauce which can not be replaced and looks like somewhat similar to soy sauce, yet different. Worcestershire sauce originally comes from England and might sound quite popular in a cheerful family-oriented home. The sauce can be made home as well, but its secret essentials are still hidden in some sort of way from the public. 
Step 4. Take a tour around the shop and put the followings to your cart: onion, pepper, salt, parsley, garlic (powder or normal), noodles according to your needs, corn starch or soft flour and general cream or sour cream. 
Step 5. You are good to go!
Step 6. Place the Swedish meatballs into your pot and let them swim with sauces and raw spices. Start to cook them with medium heat. 
Step 7. Cook the noodles. Once its almost ready remove the water from the bowl, mixture them with the meatballs and cook for 10 minutes together. BE AWARE of the leftover boiled water when the noodles are made. Try to avoid to pour the boiled water right to the sink of the motorhome. It is more than recommended to either wait or pour it out to a place which is otherwise accepted. 
Step 8. Dash a spoon of cream/sour cream and combine the cream with either soft flour or corn starch right into the dish of meatballs and noodles. Pull until the dish is ready.

God Aptit!



Norway is a country which famous of its admiration towards pancakes. Whether cooked, baked, salted or somewhat sweet, the pancake comes in many forms to a traditional Norwegian table. From small ones to older ones, the dish is so popular of all age. 

Keen for the recipe? Here you go:

Step 1. All you need is a mixing bowl, a fried pan a spoon and some ingredients! Beside ingredients, a full kitchen ware with a beautiful spacious design is given in your motorhome to witness the best breakfast food from home. 
Step 2. Take 2-3 of wheat flour and mix together with baking soda and if needed, baking powder. 
Step 3. You will need eggs (2), little oil, yogurt to soften the pasta of the pancake and last but not least vanilla extract to fancy the taste.
Step 4. The secret ingredient. Scandinavia is the best territory when it comes to berries. Take some blueberries, cut them into pieces and crush them into the pancake. 
Step 5. Turn on the heat and fade the pan inside with oil, bake until its ready to go!
Step 6. As a dressing, you will need more blueberries or strawberries, whipped cream, foam fixer and sugar. Mixture the ingredients and pour the pancake according to your needs!

God Appetitt!



Spicy meat, fresh vegetables and super delight Mediterranean outdoor meal. Warm summer nights or cold winter fairy tales, a taco will warm your family and friends motorhome holiday. Taco is originally from Mexico, yet very popular dish for generations of all age. It is one of an essential motorhome holiday essentials. 

Here is the trick:

Step 1. Grab some boneless chicken breast or minced meat of your favor and tortillas of course. 
Step 2. Little bit of chili, garlic, onion powder, a hint of salt, pepper, basil, oregano, lettuce, tomato, feta cheese, cucumber, corn, avocado (if needed), salsa, lemon, oil and extra virgin oil. 
Step 3. Start with an oil, slice the onion into small pieces and lets hit the bottom of the bowl! Place the chicken breasts or minced meat into the bowl and turn on the heat! 
Step 4. Spices. All the raw materials, but make sure that you leave a little for the salad too!
Step 5. Prepare the salad with fresh potatoes, cucumber, lettuce, (avocado), salt, pepper, feta cheese, lemon juice, extra virgin oil. 
Step 6. If the meat is ready than mix it with salsa or tomato sauce and pour it up with some corns too. 
Step 7. Turn off the heat, serve. 

Buen Provecho!