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Rental motorhomes are mostly used for travelling and leisure time camping but they also provide a practical mobile solution for companies and public organisations: option for remote working, additional meeting room facilities, promotional vehicle for commercial or election tours as well as premises for back stages at festival, event or film production areas. In case you need a 'mobile hotel room' for a specific need or for a long period of time, do not hesitate contact our Local Rental station. With cross-boarder / international cases, we kindly contact our International Sales team from the main office. 

Whether you are interested in buying a RV motorhome for yourself, please contact your nearest Touring Cars rental station. They can tell you more about our Try & Buy Motorhome options alongside rentals and wide range of factory-ordered camping cars.


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Everything you should know before renting a motorhome

Touring Cars motorhome rental vehicles are designed with special care to fit the needs of our customer base. In cooperation with the leading motorhome manufacturer, Hobby, our Premium rental fleet guarantees the timeless and practical design for a fresh-looking and convenient rental product. Additionally, Touring Cars' professionals ensure the optimal, safe and care-free facilities for all rentals by providing proper maintenance and cleaning services as well as individually customized vehicle setting.

We at Touring Cars understand that our customers may be first time caravanners, but we highly encourage everybody to set aside any apprehensions in order to benefit from the enjoyable experience of motorhoming. Our handover process during pick-up is designed to present all possibly unfamiliar features of the vehicle as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. 

Below you can get to know some of the technical details of our rental motorhome fleet to have a feeling of the most important aspects affecting your moments while enjoying motorhoming.



Touring Cars motorhomes are customised with deluxe exterior features provided by Hobby. The customisation of our rental motorhomes provides customers with a rental product truly fit for their needs. Many of the exterior features further advance a safe and comfortable motorhoming experience.

Safe travel is enhanced by bright LED-headlights and indicator lights in the front and rear of the motorhome. From the weather conditions of Southern Spain to the snowy Norths of Scandinavia, your accessibility to varying parts of Europe is guaranteed.




The extended side mirrors with indicator lights provide a good view of the entire motorhome and the immediate surroundings. But things may of course be closer than they appear, so all you should do is keep in mind that you are driving a bigger vehicle. The specific exterior measurements of your camper van will be introduced to you at the handover of the rental caravan, so you will know to prepare for the low hanging bridges of Northern Norway or the rocky cliffsides of the serpentine mountain roads.

Parking and reversing may be unfamiliar for beginners, but most of our camping vehicles come with a built-in rear-view camera. However, sometimes technology fails us, so we recommend that another passenger visually checks the conditions at the rear of the motorhome before reversing or parking whenever possible.



Outside accessibility to the water systems, toilet cassette, gas compartment and electrical plug-in port let you efficiently take care of business at rest areas and camping grounds.

The water system is divided into two parts, separating the fresh water supply and grey water tank for straightforward handling. The freshwater container can be filled with a hose at the filling station or by using the water canister provided in your rental vehicle. The immersion pump, with a spare pump included for convenience, circulates the water for the taps in the bathroom and kitchen. The water tank sizes vary from 95 to 100 litres depending on the size of your rental motorhome.

Tip: In order to protect the good function of the pump during your holiday, we recommend keeping the water tank minimum a quarter filled to ensure the pump does not run dry.


The grey water system can be emptied by simply opening a cap and pulling a lever, which automatically empties the remaining grey water in the system. The grey water system should be emptied only at designated locations, for example at campsites, rest areas or petrol stations. Note that the grey water system is separate from the toilet compartment.

Tip: We recommend that the water in the system is not used for drinking, it is better to purchase fresh drinking water from the convenience store.



Each of our campers has a separate shower / toilet area. The chemical toilet is equipped with a toilet cassette with a quiet flushing mechanism. A signal inside the toilet will show you when it is time to empty the cassette at the latest. Emptying the contents of the black water system work more painlessly than you could imagine. The cassette is pulled out of the compartment outside the vehicle and emptied at a specific designated location. The connection between the cassette and the inside toilet mechanism must be closed before removing the cassette to ensure the system remains functional.

After emptying, there is a special toilet chemical which should be added to the cassette after flushing. The use of toilet chemical is a mandatory aspect of motorhoming in order to prevent any undesirable odours in the living areas. The chemical is available from Touring Cars rental stations.



Two gas bottles in the separated compartment power several functions within the motorhome and enable you to freedom camp freely at the backyard of your choice. Each rental camper is equipped with two 11 kg bottles of propane gas at the beginning of your rental. The gas bottles work on full-to-full principle with possibility to pre-purchase bottles during reservation or handover.

The propane keeps your motorhome warm and inviting in the cold winter evenings, lets you prepare delicious meals from local ingredients and prevents you from suffering from cold showers.

The consumption of gas depends on the specific needs of our customers as well as the outside temperatures. During the warm and breezy summertime, you may only use one bottle of propane whereas the winter months require constant heating and one bottle may last between 2-3 days.

Tip: Before crossing borders, be sure to ask the rental station for advice on how to exchange for new gas bottles correctly, as countries may have varying regulations regarding the gas.



After each rental period, the Touring Cars fleet will undergo a technical inspection. Also, regular technical maintenance will be carried out for our vehicles to ensure their operative functions in all circumstances and to provide carefree holiday for travelers.

The battery charging values of the motorhome can be monitored and read off from the vehicle control panel. The charging can be done easily by plugging the motorhome to into an outside power source at either a campground or a designated location. A cable is provided for each rental for convenient use. The use of the power cable enables our customers to use the 230V electricity for small appliances inside the motorhome.

Tip: Not to worry, our motorhomes are fully self-contained and free camping without using the electric cable is a popular way to experience a motorhome holiday in the more remote parts of Europe!



Our rental campers are also suitable for rigid winter temperatures for the adventurous and winter sports travellers. Our mechanics supply the motorhomes with suitable and safe winter tires whenever required by prevailing weather conditions or by law.

The motorhomes are also insulated to boost the function of the heating system. Also, fresh and grey water systems are is built inside the insulated area.

The propane operated heating system ensures comfortable temperature inside the car while camping off the grid. In below freezing temperatures, the interior of the motorhome should always remain heated to prevent the water systems from freezing over.

Tip: If you plan on heading outside of your original destination during winter months, make sure to notify the rental station in advance as spiked tires may not be permitted in all European countries.

driving motorhome


Some rental stations may also have an awning, or a bike rack installed in some of their motorhomes.

Please, note, however that these items are not a part of our guaranteed features list and cannot therefore be guaranteed for each rental motorhome.




All rental motorhome categories feature good storage facilities accessible from the outside and often from the inside of the caravans. Plan to hit the waves with your surfboard or jump into a canoe at one of our lakeside destinations?

Be sure to inform the sales team at beforehand that you will be arriving with special luggage in order to arrange the transfer smoothly for you.



Our customers will be presented with separate keys for the driving and living parts of their Touring Cars rental motorhome. The driving cabinet and living-part door can be locked also from the inside of the motorhome for safe and sound sleeping.

High-quality and durable flat-style storage compartment locks provide also added security for your belongings, so you can safely place your equipment not in daily need out of the way. Nonetheless, Touring Cars recommends to keep keeping vehicle always locked and remove removing all valuable items out of direct sight of any windows to avoid any possible break-ins.



For the convenience and comfort of our customers, even the smallest rental motorhome categories feature an electric step to make getting in and out in a breeze. The electric step is operated by buttons next to the door and should be pulled in manually before moving the vehicle.


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The functionality of the driver’s cabin in our Touring Cars rental motorhomes is very similar to a regular automobile. Driving comfort is increased with a higher seat position and good visibility all around. Our exclusive camper vans feature manual transmission on the reliable Fiat chassis. The fuel used is diesel only for economical holiday experience and longer driving distances.

We guarantee a GPS-navigation device for all rentals, which guides you safely along your desired journey. For increased comfort, the driving cabinet always features air conditioning and most motorhome vans also have a USB-plug to charge your phone or camera when driving. Otherwise, the 12 V plug is available to use with an inverter or adapter.


If you wish for more privacy within the motorhome or just enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the rental camper, the front cabin also includes privacy curtains, which also help to block out the endless sunlight of Northern Scandinavia during summertime.

The two separate batteries for the motorhome are in the driving cabinet with easy accessibility if needed.



The Touring Cars rental motorhome fleet consists of several layouts depending on the booked category which each cater to the needs of our customer base. Each category includes a dining area behind the driver’s cabin seats to sit back and enjoy the evening together.

The functional kitchenette has a gas operated stove top, good-sized sink and a spacious fridge tucked away neatly. Our premium camp trailers are fully equipped with cooking and dining utensils to enable you to cook delicious meals. Each category allows for plenty of storage inside for easy access to your everyday items.

The living area is lighted by bright battery saving LED-lights at all areas of the mobile home. The timeless finishes of chrome and wood tones are in the spotlight even on dusky evenings. You have the possibility to operate the radio through embedded speakers in the living part even when parked, maybe, to listen to your favorite podcasts or some mood setting music.



The surprisingly spacious bathrooms have been designed with functionality and ease in mind. The classy chrome finishes and stylish counters on all surfaces truly make the experience like a stay in a five-star hotel.

Protective walls and shower curtains prevent water from spilling to other parts of the bathroom and from damaging the wooden interiors of the mobile home. When taking a shower or doing dishes, we recommend turning the water heating on 20 minutes before use to give the boiler enough time to heat up.



The control panel serves as the heart of the motorhome. Checking the panel daily allows travelers to plan the holiday more precisely and use the living area accordingly.

During the pickup procedure, an orientation to the details taken taking place to serve the passengers fully and to provide the ability to be entirely prepared before leaving to the ever-first first-ever holiday with your five-star mobile home!



  • To check the levels of water in the freshwater tank and the grey water tank
  • To check the levels of the living part battery and the driving battery
  • To turn on and off and adjust the temperature of the heating system
  • To adjust the settings of the battery-operated fridge in the Van-model
  • To operate the interior lights of the motorhome
  • To operate the radio system when parked


The gas operated TRUMA Combi heating system ensures the most optimal heat distribution inside of the storage compartment in addition to the living space of the rental motorhome. The heat is circulated through the numerous conveniently placed air vents.

The 10-litre hot water boiler has different settings from eco-mode to boost to supply you with hot water according to your own schedule.



Touring Cars rental campers feature in-built blinds for privacy and sleeping comfort in each window. The mosquito nets provide a pleasant cross breeze without having to endure visits from any unpleasant insects.



The skylights are prohibited to open while driving or being on the road and also when it’s below -20 degrees outside, when there is massive rain or drastic strong wind. It is recommended not to open the skylight during winter season before making sure that the temperature is warmer than -20 degrees and the accessibility is thoroughly checked before opening.

In order to open the small roof bonnet, press the locking button and conveniently open the skylight to the desired position by turning the crank clockwise.

To close the roof window, release the crank from the locking position and turn the crank counterclockwise.



Several electricity faucets are located at the living area of the motorhome. The 230V power sockets is are only available when the vehicle’s main power inlet is connected outside to the power source. It is thoroughly recommended to bring along your dual USB charging socket which easily charges mobile phones and any other small devices without the electricity cable attached to the vehicle.



Touring Cars team supports pets on board! Bring the one close to your heart, or take them all to your Touring Cars holiday!

Please, kindly, let us know if the extra family member will be traveling with you with a motorhome by sending us an e-mail to




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