Camper rental in South West of Spain

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The best of Spain in 8 days

Trip duration:
8 days


Camper rental in Spain?

Are you and your family in the mood for a warm, eventful and the most versatile vacation ever? This camper rental holiday in the beautiful region of Andalucia, Spain offers you just that and much more. Your rental camper gives you the opportunity to experience Andalucia freely, without any arrangements of hotels and such beforehand. On this camper holiday, you have 8 days to experience numerous amazing destinations with rich history, interesting culture, great food, countless activities for the whole family, and of course, the warm sun.


Your eventful and warm camper rental holiday begins from Malaga International Airport, where you will be picked up by our local Touring Cars rental station personnel. The first stop on your adventure will be our motorhome rental station. There, you will be given a full orientation to your beautiful and elegant rental motorhome.

When everything is ready, it’s time to start the journey and head to Fuengirola, one of the most well-known holiday resorts in Spain. It is known for its amazing, long beaches with fine sand. However, beaches are not the only thing you can enjoy here. There are many other activities and cultural attractions you can experience during your your camper rental holiday. For example, you can try out various water sports, such as diving, water-skiing, surfing and hanger gliding. Golfing is also very popular here among tourists. What comes to other great destinations, If you have a hunger for culture visit the Castillo de Dohail castle and Calamorro mountain. We also recommend visiting Bioparc, a fun zoo with various exciting animals that the whole family will surely enjoy seeing.




After Fuengirola, your camper rental adventure continues towards Málaga. It is known for its warmth, culture and beautiful architecture. The historical center is the best place to get to know the architecture of Málaga, and it is great area for children. Exotic parks with huge palm trees, a Picasso museum, Flamenco shows, great Spanish food, the Malagueta beach, shopping possibilities and colourful houses are all examples of how versatile Málaga is for the whole family. Also, keep in mind that the camper rental journey leads back to Málaga after 7 days, meaning that you have plenty of time to experience it fully.




The next destination of your camper rental journey is Córdoba. Its historical center is one of the UNESCO World Heritage list destinations. Córdoba has a very rich culture and it’s historically very significant for Andalucia. The city has an active nightlife, great shopping possibilities, numerous fancy courtyards and interesting museums. For example, experience a bullfight museum, Taurino, and a religious art museum, Diocesano. For children, the city offers many fun options as well, such as the Children’s city, with the biggest children’s playground area in Córdoba, the water park Aquasierra, Córdoba Zoo, the horse riding center La Loma, the Botanical Gardens for kids, and many others.

After an active day prepare small tapas dishes in your well equipped motorhome kitchen and enjoy them by open fire next to your rental motorhome. 





The camper rental journey continues to the city of Jaén. The city is mostly filled with interesting history without many activities for children. Perhaps the city could be a little relaxing point for your family, plus it’s really something to look at. Santa Catalina castle gives the city a beautiful Andalusian look, in addition to its fascinating history. It’s an excellent place to start your exploration of the city. Some of the places, concerning the strong religious history of Jaén, you should see are the cathedral, which is a fine example of beautiful Renaissance architecture, the San Ildefonso church, Magdalena church, Santa Domingo convent and the Santa Ursula monastery. You should also go see the Arab Baths, one of the main monuments to this era today.




Next up, you’ve got the city of Granada. It’s known for its Moorish architecture and the mysterious Alhambra castle. The castle is definitely something to check out with the whole family. In addition to the castle, there are numerous beautiful gothic temples and monasteries. The cathedral and the Royal Chapel of Granada are also worth a visit.

Sierra Nevada mountain range is the highest range in Spain, and Granada is located right at the feet of it. It offers many activities, both summer and winter ones. It’s also a great environment for nature tours. For children, Granada offers plenty of fun attractions. For example, there’s the Granada water park, the science park, children shops, kiddy parks, playgrounds and family restaurants.




You’re getting closer to the end of your camper rental journey. But don’t worry, the fun isn’t over yet. The next location is Almeria. Tourism grows there day by day, but it’s still not too busy. The Spanish are still the main population, therefore you can experience an authentic Spanish city, and enjoy the lower price level than in many other holiday resorts in Spain. Almeria is also a significant port, with a ship connections between Africa. The city is full of greenhouses, and there are antiquated boutiques and tapas bars along the streets. One of the best sights is the Alcazaba fortress, built by the Moors. Another sight worth seeing is the cathedral of Almeria. If you’re in for shopping, stop by the Paseo de Almeria boulevard. For children, the city offers the Oasys Minihollywood and Teatro Auditorio. However, Roquetas de Mar is the tourism center of the area, 12 kilometers from Almeria. There you can do shopping, golfing, visit an aquarium, do many kinds of sports, have fun in a water park, visit the cultural center or just spend a day on the beach, with 12 kilometers of shoreline. 




The camper rental journey has come to its end, and you have your last day ahead. It’s time to head back to Málaga or Fuengirola, and spend the day doing activities you have yet to experience, or just relax under the warm sun.

When you arrive back to our rental station, you'll meet with our rental station staff and get to share the experiences you had on your journey. Our staff will provide you with a transfer to Malaga Airport after a standard check of the rental vehicle.