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Special surprise with a distinctive gift

Sometimes finding the perfect present for your loved one, a good friend, a family member, a graduating young adult, or a co-worker for a certain occasion can be difficult. If you want to surprise the recipient with something special and unforgettable, choose a gift which enables memorable experiences.

The best gift you can give is an experience!

What could be better than a road trip through a gorgeous Bulgarian Rose Valley or an adventurous experience to the mesmerizing mountainous regions of Norway? A gift card for a premium motorhome holiday with Touring Cars is guaranteed to delight and leave its recipient in rapture with appreciation for receiving such an amazing present! 

Purchase a Touring Cars motorhome holiday gift card.   

To order a gift card you should contact our International Sales Office in written and provide us information based on the following aspects: 


1. Choose your TC Gift Card design:

1. Mother's Day / 2. General Greetings: Key to Freedom / 3. Happy Birthday / 4. Wedding Greetings / 5. Wedding Anniversary / 6. Happy Valentine's Day / 7. Christmas and New Year / 8. a Customized option:  your own text max 100 characters to the 'Key to Freedom' template* 


*Customised gift card includes standard design and personalised greetings that you would like to be visible on a gift card. Personalized greetings should have a total value of less than *100 symbols and layout represents the general Key to freedom gift card. We will include information of giver’s name, recipient’s name (and your greetings). Kindly notice, that an additional fee of 10 EUR will be charged for a custom gift card*.  


See available TC Gift Card options by clicking the arrow element on the right side of the image below: 


2. Select the destination and value for your gift card:


Select a value and choose a destination from which a gift card can be redeemed in the corresponding currency in a specific destination*

The minimum amount that can be put on a gift card is 200 EUR/ 2000 SEK/ 2000 NOK/ 170 GBP that is equivalent to the down payment.

*Gift card can be used in certain destinations if it was purchased in specific currency:  EUR currency – Helsinki and Rovaniemi rental stations (Finland), Keflavik rental station (Iceland) / GBP currency – Chester and Glasgow/Edinburgh rental stations (the UK) / SEK currency - Stockholm rental station (Sweden) / NOK currency - Oslo and Tromso rental stations (Norway). 


Important information

The travel gift card’s value can be redeemed to cover partial or full payment of the motorhome holiday with pick up and drop off in destination corresponding to the currency in which you purchased a gift card. A Gift Card once ordered will be sent to your email address in a digital form. A  Gift card once ordered cannot be cancelled. A Gift card is valid for 12 months from the issuing date. A Gift card can only be used once.  

The service includes transfers from/to the nearest international airport (on the pickup and drop-off dates), full vehicle orientation, premium kitchenware, shower, toilet, 24/7 roadside assistance, unlimited mileage, vehicle levelling blocks, navigation device, registration of an additional driver to the rental agreement and TC Basic self-risk level.  


Terms and Conditions

TC experience gift cards cannot be sold, exchanged for cash and cannot be combined with other discounts or campaigns. Minimum driver’s age varies between different rental locations, please check the age regulations for your destination from here. The driver is required to have a valid driver’s license and a credit card. Please, read our General Rental Terms before your holiday starts.

If you require further information about our Terms and Conditions, or your use of the Touring Cars gift card, please refer to our International Sales Office.


3. Contact us to purchase a TC e-Gift Card

With a purchase, please confirm your choice with card template + sum for the gift card + your contact information (purchaser) + gift card receiver's name + email address for shipment (electronic gift card). Sales office will confirm the purchase and guide you with payment and gift shipment.

We are here to help you. Please use chat or email.

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Surprise with an experience gift card. 




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