For a luxury outdoor lifestyle, rich urban landscapes and authentic culture with a high-class design, a motorhome hire is an ideal way of seeing all four different regions of Finland

Start your camper hire adventure either from the capital city, Helsinki from the South or from the Northern capital, Rovaniemi. On your way you will see thousands of glittering lakes, one of the largest archipelagos in the world and magical Lapland, the home of Samí people and Santa Claus.

Remember to enjoy our Scandinavian freedom to roam (Everyman´s right) that gives you the freedom to stop by the prettiest scenery, stay overnight in the midst of nature, swim in the lake and pick berries and mushrooms and hike in the nature as much as you want. This is the holiday of culture and peace of mind!

Touring Cars Helsinki  |   Touring Cars Rovaniemi

  • Minimum driver´s age: 19 years
  • Minimum driving experience: 1 year

Enjoy outdoor activities in Finland

Fresh air, strong aromas of berries and mushrooms in the forest, only birdsong and a slight breeze will break the silence... Charge your batteries in exotic Finland.

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Hire a motorhome from Rovaniemi or Helsinki. If you arrive by airplane, we’ll pick you up at Helsinki Airport (HEL) or Rovaniemi Airport (ROV) depending on which one the nearest is, and take you to our depot, where we’ll get you familiar with your beautiful rental camper. After returning your camper at our rental station, we’ll provide you with a free transportation back to the airport.


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Both motorhome rental stations include complementary transfer services from the airport and airport-based hotels to the rental station which serves for the pickup procedure.

Once you have arrived at Helsinki International Airport, Touring Cars professional staff will warmly greet you at the arrivals hall. 

Transfers from hotels around the airport and the rental station, approximately a 5 km radius are also available for your services.  


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Once you have arrived at the most authentic, yet modest airport of Finland, friendly greetings from our personnel will welcome you at Terminal 1, Arrivals’ Hall, waiting to transfer Touring Cars camper van travelers to the rental station. The rental station is located next to Santa Claus Village, where the Santa can be met throughout a year, but it takes only a short ride from the airport.

Transfers from hotels around the airport and the rental station, approximately a 5 km radius are also available for your services.  


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Accepted payment methods at the rental station are Visa, Master Card and Debit Card. 


Accepted payment methods at the rental station are Visa, Master Card and Debit Card.

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Koli National park is located in the eastern part of Finland, near the lake Pielinen, and has been nominated as one of the most important national sceneries of Finland. Nearest motorhome hire station is in Helsinki, few hundred km away, but the drive is worth taking.

Koli area is a remnant of an ancient mountain range, which was shaped to its current picturesque form by the last ice age some ten thousand years ago. This area has Scandinavian stamped all over it so if you are looking for rustic and authentic Scandinavian scenery this is the right place to head with your hired motorhome.

It is also this very sight that has been inspiring nationally renowned Finnish artists like Jean Sibelius, Eero Järnefelt and Juhani Aho with their works of art in the field of classical music, painting, and literature.

More inspirations on Via Karelia Road Trips. 

Location from Touring Cars Helsinki Rental Station:

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In the City of Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle and in the very heart of the Finnish Lapland lays a very special village that every one of our motorhome hire client should be familiar with. In this small village the surroundings are illuminated by the Christmas lights and a familiar tone of Christmas carols can be heard throughout the year: this is the village of the original Santa Claus. It is said that the only way to truly cross the Arctic Circle and to enter the magical Lapland is to visit the Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi.

Bring your Christmas wishes to Santa Claus personally, and send a holiday greeting from the Arctic Circle to your loved ones. This is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

More inspirations on journey in Lapland.

Touring Cars Rovaniemi Rental Station is located next to Santa Claus Village

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If you planned your motorhome hire in Finland to be slightly longer, it’s worth visiting the beautiful autonomous islands of Åland. With over 17 000 islands, Åland and the Finnish Archipelago area combined are one of the largest island areas in the world. 

Travelling through the archipelago in order to get to Åland, there are few short ferry rides to be taken and the destination is well worth it. Boat trips and ferries provide great memories, especially for children. It’s easy to get carried away by the magical Archipelago by hopping from island to island with small ferries, exploring the traditions of the old seafarers and fishermen, and seeing the sky touch the horizon from the top of one of the magnificent lighthouses.

More inspirations on road trip through Åland.

Location from Touring Cars Helsinki Rental Station:

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Motorhome enables you to access even the most amazing remote places. One of such places is Oulanka National park that is located on the south eastern border of the Finnish Lapland, and situated right along the eastern border.  Oulanka National park is one of the most popular national parks and the most famous hiking route here is called Karhunkierros Trail (Bear´s trail).

Hundreds of years old pine forests, sandy beaches on the banks of the river Oulanka and the high rapids are remarkable sights and a great example of an untouched and unlogged boreal forest. Visitors can enjoy true pure nature with all their senses, fresh air and silence spiced with fine tones of nature and the breeze of the wind.

More details on national parks and UNESCO World heritage sites in Finland.

Location from Touring Cars Rovaniemi Rental Station:

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visiting oulanka national park with a rental motorhome


Renown Nordkapp, or as it is often referred to, North Cape, is the most northern point on the mainland of Europe. Situated in the municipality of Finnmark in Norway, the North Cape is visited by some 200 000 tourists every year and it is without a doubt one of the places you must visit at least once in your life. Touring Cars motorhome hire station in Rovaniemi is perfect gateway to this exotic venue.

Due to its remote location on the top of the northern hemisphere, the North Cape is easiest accessible with a motorhome. Just considering the shear distance, what would be a better option than having your own kitchen, a bedroom and a shower with you? Pick a motorhome up from Rovaniemi, drive to North Cape and enjoy the Arctic on your own terms.

Location from Touring Cars Helsinki Rental Station:

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Stay in Helsinki before or after a Touring Cars holiday

Why don't you enjoy the beauty of Helsinki city and the incredible archipelago in front of it before or after your road trip with us. If you stay at the airport area, you can easily take a local train connection to the city center which will take only about 28 minutes (

Shall we suggest you to consider these hotels. Please remember to confirm local station from from which spot they should collect you for a pre-planned vehicle pick up  (if your journey start from our TC HKI station). 

Hotels around airport area:

  • Hilton Helsinki airport
  • Scandic Helsinki airport
  • GLO hotel Airport

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