Camper rentals in Northern Europe

Renting a camper is very easy and smooth. Our friendly staff will show you how to use the motorhome before you start your trip and will gladly answer all your motorhome-related questions throughout your holiday. All you need to bring along are your personal items and a cheerful holiday mood!

Should you still have questions about renting, have a look at the holiday advice section or send us an email at info(at)

Before your trip, you should get acquainted with the insurance and rental conditions, which can be found under the links next to the text.

#Before the camper rental holiday

One-way Camper Rentals

It is also possible to purchase One-way Camper Rental, finishing the holiday to another Touring Cars camper rental station different the one they started their adventure from. One way fee for this service is 990€. This service fee includes two gas bottles and priority check-out including post rental check-up.
For all one-way rentals, Touring Cars staff member will perform a post rental check up and a credit card authorization shall be signed for a full deductible amount at pick up. If no new damages are discovered, this authorization will be cancelled.

#On arrival to camper rental station

When starting your camper rental holiday, our staff member will pick you up from the airport according to the details given in the confirmation of your holiday. Touring Cars camper rental price includes a transfer to and from airports listed hereafter. At the rental station, you will see an orientation video and our trained staff member will give you instructions on how to use your camper. Orientation video to your camper is available in English at all Rental Stations and on touringcars website  to assist you before and during your holiday. Additional information package can be downloaded here. Camper pick-up process takes normally up to 2 hours. 

Airport transfers are free from and to the following airports: 

  • Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland
  • Rovaniemi, Finland
  • Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden
  • Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen, Norway
  • Rygge Lufthavn, Norway
  • Trondheim, Norway
  • Keflavik International Airport, Reykjavik
  • Tallinn, Estonia

Transfers to and from hotels at these airport areas are included to the price. You can request the transfer service by sending the flight details, or the details of your hotel to Touring Cars Sales office via email. You will receive a confirmation email when the transfer service has been added to your reservation.

When making your own way to the camper rental Station, remember to inform us beforehand to avoid any delays. Rental Stations are open 24/7 by appointment only except for Reykjavik. Arriving without notice may result delays in departures, for which Touring Cars takes no responsibility of.


Authorized Drivers

A valid driver’s license is required for all camper rentals in Scandinavia. Driver must have held a driver´s license for driving passenger cars for at least one year*. The renter and each additional authorized driver must be present to sign the Rental Agreement, present an acceptable credit card (debit cards not accepted), show a valid driver´s license, and must be a minimum of 18 years of age. For additional drivers, there is a fee of maximum 49 € per driver per rental.

*Accepted drivers licence must have been issued in the state that is a party to the Geneva and Vienna Conventions on Road Traffic. See the full updated list of countries here.  


In some situations, the reserved vehicle might need to be changed to a different camper category or model. The camper upgrade will be provided at no charge to you. Touring Cars reserves the right to change any specifications stated and/or supply similar or higher class camper for the confirmed price without any notification.

Luggage Storage

We recommend you to use soft suitcases instead of hard ones because you can fit them inside the luggage compartment of the camper much better. You can also leave your suitcases at our rental station until your return, all at your own risk.


#On the road with rental camper

Touring Cars rental camper accessories

All Touring Cars campers are fully equipped for an enjoyable holiday:

  • Full kitchen ware
  • First aid kit
  • Instant tire repair kit
  • Cleaning set
  • Multilingual instruction booklet
  • Mosquito nets
  • Blinders
  • 12 V / 220 V outlets
  • Electricity cable
  • On Board computer (internet fee applies)
  • Gas bottles (paid according to use)

We recommend booking additional items in advance to ensure avai List of these items can be found from here.

Baby Seats

Touring Cars provides baby seats by availability only, but takes no responsibility attaching them to the camper for the clients. Children, whose height is less than 135 cm, should use baby seat whilst camper is in move.  Clients need to attach the seats by themselves.
Our campers have airbags in the front seats. Do not attach a rear-facing seat to the front seat of the camper because of the airbags. Touring Cars do not recommend any child under 135 cm or under 12 years to travel in the front seat or without any safety device. Read more here.

Fuel and Gas

Touring Cars camper rentals commence with a full tank of diesel. When returning the camper, rental client needs to re-fill the diesel tank. The fuel consumption varies while en route depending on your manner to drive.
When starting your camper holiday in Scandinavia, there are two full gas bottles ready for use in the car. You need to replace the opened gas bottles before returning vehicle or pay Touring Cars for the opened bottle.
You must turn off engine and all ignition sources including gas appliances, refrigerator, hot water heater, and stove each time you refuel. Fuel & Gas is at your expense.


Each TC destination country has their local website listing campgrounds available for your use during your motorhome holiday. For tips and holiday planning visit

Camper rental Road Side Assistance and Repair Imbursement

Touring Cars provides you a 24/7 Road Side Assistance in case any problems occur during your camper holiday. Please notice that you must call in the problem situation and follow all recommendations in order to be eligible for a compensation consideration. Please see also section ‘breakdown’.


In case of an accident you need to inform Touring Cars camper rental station immediately. If other parties are involved, make sure to have a full insurance form filled in with signatures and police report if available.

Driving in Iceland with a rental camper

There are restrictions driving on roads marked with an "F". Camper cannot be taken on these roads. If a wind warning has been issued and/or wind speed exceeds 15m/second, no driving can be done to ensure safety. Please take this into consideration when planning your holiday schedule. If a driver breaks this condition and causes damage to their rental vehicle, insurance coverage is not valid on the rental vehicle.

Green Card

With our campers, you are allowed to drive in the Nordic countries. Driving to countries outside the Nordic countries is permitted only in case this permission has been granted at the time of booking by Touring Cars.

Travel Insurance

Touring Cars recommends purchasing a travel insurance. Travel Insurance may entitle you to reimbursement in case of a cancellation. A proof of travel insurance ought to be with the client when travelling.

Campervan Insurance
deductibles 2016

Touring Cars camper holiday price includes a collision insurance with 2 800 € deductible per accident or damage. Interior damages are not covered by this insurance. Deductible can be reduced to 1 200 € per damage, 600 € per damage or 0 € / damage with an additional fee.




Please note that we reserve full deductible amount on drivers' credit card, presented at pick up, as deposit.

Ensure in advance that credit limit is sufficient and foreign charges are enabled for your credit card.

All of the rental campervans are covered by a local motor insurance. The insurance is divided into two different parts. First is a compulsory insurance covering all the damages and accidents caused by you and your rental motorhome to the third party. The other is a collision insurance which covers all the exterior damages caused to your rental motorhome in an accident, fire or theft. Interior damages are not covered by this insurance unless they occur in a traffic accident, fire or theft. This insurance does not cover personal medical expenses, baggage or other personal property, unless the damage is directly connected to a traffic accident.


Each of the camper rentals includes TC Basic insurance with the deductible of EUR 2800. The deductible can be decreased to EUR 1200 (TC Plus), to EUR 600 (TC Premium) or to EUR 0 (TC Total) for a daily price. The minimum reduction period is seven days for TC Plus and TC Premium, and ten days for TC Total. Please note that for the TC Total, EUR 0 deductible is limited for the first damage only, and the second damage onwards it follows the principles of the TC Premium.
Windshield and tire protection limits only the deductible related to windshield or tire damage.

If your deductible level is e.g. EUR 2800, the insurance covers the damage exceeding that amount. Please take into account that the insurance level defines your liability maximum per damage, not per rental period. If there are multiple damages by different causes, there is no upper limit for charges. Our personnel will give you more information about the insurances at the pick-up.

In order to validate the insurance, an insurance deposit will be reserved from your credit card. Please make sure that your credit card’s limit allows making this reservation. The amount of the deposit follows the chosen deductible level. Visa and Master Card credit cards are accepted.

Please note that only authorized driver can drive the rental motorhome. Each authorized driver has to be included in the rental agreement. The person who signs the agreement is fully responsible for all the damages caused by an unauthorized driver. In addition, any additional insurance coverage will be voided if an unauthorized driver operates the rental motorhome.

If you have any questions, please indicate it before you sign the agreement. After the agreement has been signed, you are liable to obey the conditions.

At the motorhome pick-up, you will be given the vehicles current defects on damage form. You as a renter are liable to state the existing damages before starting your motorhome holiday. At the drop off the same damage form is used to check up the vehicle’s post-rental condition.

In case you notice technical malfunction, please notify our staff member about it for further consultation. This is important also to avoid any further technical damage to the Motorhome.  If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, we will look a repair shop for you. To be able to solve the problem the soonest possible and for you to be entitled for a possible reimbursement, we encourage you to contact us immediately!

Travelling abroad with Touring Cars camper

  • As a client you have a permission to travel in the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland) with the Touring Cars rental camper.
  • Traveling in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland is permitted only for rental vehicles hired from Touring Cars Tallinn or Tarto, in Estonia. 
  • Traveling to Russia and some Eastern countries such as Ukraine and Belarus is not allowed.
  • You are obligated to ask a permission from Touring Cars when planning to travel outside the Nordic countries.
  • Outside the Nordic countries the insurance deductibles are two times higher and special insurance requirements ought to be followed.
  • Touring Cars obtains a green card insurance document, if you wish to enter agreed Central and Western European countries, but additional traffic insurance might be required. If so, it may be bought at customs.
  • When traveling to Central Europe and Western Europe, minimum level of damage deductible is 1 200 euros.


  • Deposit is required upon departure to ensure that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it was upon the pick-up.
  • We will authorize one full deductible from the client´s credit card at pick-up, so client´s credit limit should be sufficient to cover the deductible and other purchases that they plan to do during their holiday. Authorization will be cancelled if no new damages will be discovered at drop-off.


Client is responsible informing Touring Cars camper rental station immediately upon discovering a technical malfunction. Client is obliged, if so instructed,  to travel to the closest repair store to get the discovered problem fixed. If the vehicle is in breakdown repair for 24 hours or more, through no fault of the customer, Touring Cars may refund a daily rate or a portion of daily rate. Radio, refrigerator, appliances, cruise control and generator malfunctions are not considered severe breakdowns. Your expenses for possible authorized repairs will be reimbursed towards receipts after issuing the case.
Touring Cars may reimburse client for repairs, which were not caused by the client in question, after the holiday as credit card refund or direct deposit to the bank account.

Traffic Violations

All traffic fines resulting from violation of the traffic regulations are for renters account. Traffic fines: tickets and subsequent administrative sanctions resulting from traffic violations incurred during the rental period are charged from the client. Touring Cars reserves the right to charge the renter for any fines and administrative fees (20 €).

#Returning the rental camper

Camper Return

50 € per hour will be charged if the camper is returned later than agreed drop-off time. Moreover, Touring Cars has to approve any changes in camper returning time. Touring Cars may charge, in addition to the above mentioned fee, possible monetary losses from the client, who was late, if their actions delay next rental of the rental camper.
Rental Stations are open 24/7 by appointment only except for Reykjavik, which is open from 08:00-18:00 on appointment. Night surcharge for services between 18 pm and 8 am is 149 €.

General Returning policy

  • Fill up the diesel tank
  • Fill up the gas bottles 100%
  • Empty trash cans and remove all litter out of the vehicle
  • Empty and wipe the fridge
  • Empty and rinse the toilet cassette
  • Empty your vehicles grey water tank
  • Clean the stove top
  • Ensure that the overall cleanliness is ok
  • DO NOT wash the exterior of the vehicle


Only by purchasing final cleaning package upon pick up you can leave cleaning to us.


In a case of a cancellation of confirmed camper reservation, charges will be charged as follows from total value of the Camper Holiday:

  • Minimum of 200 € will be charged if a confirmed booking is cancelled.
  • 44 days to 30 days prior to departure 25 %
  • 29 days to 16 days prior to departure 50 %
  • 15 days to 1 day prior to departure 100 %
  • Departure day or no-show 100 %


By signing the rental agreement, the renter accepts the general terms available at the rental station and on and acknowledges the liability for all damages, parking and traffic violations.

#General terms and conditions

Regardless of the manner of ordering the car, the rental agreement is always entered into between the car rental company (“the Rental Company”) and the person signing the rental agreement or the legal person (hereinafter jointly “the Renter”) which the person signing the rental agreement represents in the rental event. The Renter shall have a valid driving licence, sufficient driving skill for the circumstances, at least one year of driving experience and the age separately required by the Rental Company in the rental agreement.

The Rental Company shall hand over the car to the Renter in working order and in compliance with the applicable laws at the agreed place and time. In addition, at the Renter’s separate request, the Rental Company shall provide sufficient guidance about the use of the car.
The rented car has been inspected by the Rental Company or its partner before it is handed over to the Renter. However, the Renter is also obligated to inspect the car in connection with the receipt of the car to establish any potential damage or defects already existing in the car. Potential damage or defects shall be immediately notified to the Rental Company and marked to the damage report before leaving the rental station at pickup.*

The Renter is obligated to take care of the car as well as a careful person takes care of his or her own car and to observe special carefulness and cautiousness while driving. The Renter undertakes to use the car only in the manner for which it is normally intended. During the rental period, the Renter shall take care of the normal monitoring of the car’s condition, such as tyre pressure and sufficient filling of oil and other liquid quantities. Whenever the car is left parked even momentarily, it shall always be locked.
The Renter undertakes to drive the car him or herself. He or she is not allowed to hand over the car to other persons or for their use without such permission being explicitly noted in the rental agreement. The Renter (driver) shall possess a valid driving licence and have at least one year of driving experience. In addition, he or she shall fulfil the age requirements of the Rental Company.

The Renter is obligated to inform the person to whom he or she hands over the rental object within the scope of this agreement about the contents of this agreement.
Use of the car for illegal purposes, towing, competitions or training for these, educational driving and driving on ice outside officially marked ice roads is prohibited. Crossing the Finnish border with the car is prohibited without the written permission of the Rental Company. Smoking and the transportation of pets in the car is prohibited.

The Renter is always fully liable for any parking fees and tickets, charges of private parking control, overload penalty fees, on-the-spot fines, fines incurred for speeding or other traffic offences or violations, road tolls and congestion taxes caused by the use of the car during the rental period unless other mentioned.* By signing the rental agreement, the Renter entitles the Rental Company to disclose his or her identification information to the authorities for the imposition of the aforementioned sanction charges.
The Renter pays for the fuel used. The fuel to be used in the car appears from the rental agreement and/or the registration of the car. The Renter is fully liable for any damage to the car caused by filling the tank with or use of incorrect quality fuel. If the Renter returns the car with a partially filled tank, the Rental Company has the right to charge for the missing fuel and the potential filling-up fee at the price indicated in the rental agreement or price list.

The Renter is obligated to indemnify the Rental Company for any damage to and loss of the car and its accessories during the rental period and, as out-of-service indemnification, to pay the rent according to the agreement for the duration of the repair of the car for a maximum of thirty (30) days. However, the Renter’s liability is restricted to the basic own risk share specified in the rental agreement. The basic own risk is charged separately for each instance of damage or loss. The basic own risk may be reduced or, in some cases, completely eliminated by an additional charge separately agreed on in the rental agreement.
The Renter is obligated to indemnify the Rental Company for damage in full without any own risk restriction if the damage was caused or incurred in some of the following ways: excessive loading, smoking in the car, damage to the car’s upholstery, driving with over or under-pressured tyres, loss of keys, use of incorrect quality fuel, snow damage if indicated by signs, driving through too narrow premises considering the size of the car, driving on roads or in areas in poor condition or other negligent or incorrect use of the car.  In addition, It is strictly forbidden to drive the vehicle when the wind speed exceeds 15 meters per second. Furthermore the Renter is responsible to check weather conditions and forecast on daily basis. The renter agrees that he/she has received all needed information on how to check the weather conditions at anytime. If driver breaks this condition and rental vehicle is damaged in these conditions, insurance coverage is NOT valid on the rental vehicle. Any wind warnings from Touring Cars does not limit the renter´s liability.

The Renter is obligated to indemnify the Rental Company for cleaning costs due to any unusual fouling of the car.

The Renter’s full indemnification liability always also concerns damage that is directly or indirectly due to the Renter’s criminal conduct, use of the car under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances or other breach of the terms and conditions of the agreement occurring intentionally or through gross negligence.
The Renter is released from his or her liability towards the Rental Company with regard to own risk as well if the Rental Company receives full indemnification from a potential third party that caused the damage or his or her insurance company.

The Renter shall immediately inform the Rental Company of any faults in or damage to the car during the rental period. Any offences involving the car, traffic accidents and personal injury or animal damage shall always also be notified to the police. In a damage situation, the Renter shall always fill in a written damage report and submit it to the Rental Company. The Renter is fully liable for any damage resulting from the neglect of the aforementioned reports.
The Rental Company is liable for a technical fault appearing in the car during the rental period which is not due to the Renter’s operational fault and/or negligence. Provided that the defect or fault is within the liability of the Rental Company and it is necessary for continued driving, the Renter may have the car repaired on his or her own initiative at the Rental Company’s cost to a maximum value of EUR 75. A receipt for the repair work and the payment made shall be submitted to the Rental Company. The insurance policy and its deductibles are subject to traffic accidents and damages on the vehicle reimbursable
by traffic insurance only. No policy is applicable to damages caused by improper use of the vehicle.

Unless another payment method has been agreed on, the Renter pays the rent according to the agreement with its possible additional charges with his or her payment card. Already when entering into the rental agreement, the Renter approves the final calculation prepared for the rental in advance without signing it personally.
In connection with the rental, the Rental Company has the right to make an advance confirmation for the Renter’s payment card for the amount corresponding to the estimated final rent and potential other charges, by means of which the Rental Company ensures that the Renter’s payment card account has sufficient balance and that the payment card is valid.
It is explicitly stated that, when there are grounds for this, the Rental Company has the right to charge from the Renter’s credit card specified in the rental agreement additional charges for the following in addition to the rent according to the agreement: the basic own risk according to the agreement, fuel charges, rents and charges for the extension of the rental period, car delivery and pick up charges, as well as parking tickets, charges of private parking control, on-the-spot fines,  

fines, road tolls, congestion taxes and overload penalty fees caused by the use of the car during the rental period, and other comparable charges with their administrative costs.
If the legal person specified in the agreement as the Renter is not willing or able to pay the rent, the person signing the agreement on behalf of this Renter is personally liable for the rent and the potential additional charges according to these terms and conditions related to the rental. In addition, when it considers it necessary, the Rental Company has the right to demand two (2) credit cards from the Renter as collateral for the charges arising from the rental.

If a technical fault or other defect appears in the car during the rental period for which the Renter is not liable according to the terms and conditions of rental, the Renter may demand that the Rental Company repairs the defect or a reduction in price corresponding to the defect.
If the Rental Company is unable to hand over the rented car to the Renter’s use according to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, the Renter has the right to receive indemnification for any reasonable direct costs incurred by the Renter for the delay.

The Renter shall return the car with all its accessories to the agreed place upon expiration of the agreed rental period. The agreed rental period expires when the car with its keys has been returned to the Rental Company or when the Rental Company has received a notification from the Renter stating that the car has been returned to a place approved by the Rental Company. If the car has not been returned in this manner and no continuation of the rental period has been verifiably agreed, the Rental Company may inform the police of the matter.
The Rental Company has the right to charge full rent from the Renter for the duration of any delay in returning and indemnification for any additional work caused to the Rental Company and other economic losses related to the matter. Unless otherwise agreed, the car must be returned with a full tank of petrol.
The Rental Company is not responsible for any property left in the car at the time of return.

If the Renter returns the car before the expiration of the agreed rental period, the rent is determined according to the used rental period on the pricing criteria according to the agreement. If the car has been rented on special terms, premature return of the car may lead to a change in the type of price list and thereby a change in the daily rent.

In the case of prepaid rentals, premature return of the car does not obligate the Rental Company to return the rent paid in advance to the Renter.

The Rental Company has the right to cancel the agreement with immediate effect if it appears that the Renter materially breaches the terms and conditions of the agreement. In this case, the Renter is obligated to return immediately the car with all its accessories to the agreed place of return.
Either party may cancel the agreement if the car is stolen or a fault preventing the use of the car for which the Rental Company is liable is developed in the car and the Rental Company does not deliver a substitute car within a reasonable period from the notification.

Any disputes concerning the rental agreement are primarily resolved through negotiations. If the dispute is submitted to a court for a decision, the matter is resolved by the district court for the domicile of the Rental Company or, in consumer dispute cases, by another statutory court of first instance.
* These sections have been altered by Touring Cars. Renter accepts these changes by his or hers signature.