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Touring Cars, founded in 1985, is distinguished from other service providers by its high quality products and certified service operations. Touring Cars´ premium fleet we have only high quality top brand motorhomes that are all driven less than 100.000km so all of our clients can experience the feeling of driving a new five star motorhome and enjoy the luxurious camping life style. One of the cornerstones of our business is meeting customer expectations and anticipating their needs in order to provide a high quality, hassle-free setting for unforgettable dream holidays. Our service pricing structure is based on individual needs. Thus, a low-budget motorhome holiday or an all-inclusive travel package can be easily built. Our rental prices includes most of the important services and rental essentials such as airport transfers, 24/7 Pick-up and Drop-off, full kitchen and tableware, cleaning kit, navigation systeminsurance24/7 road assistance and unlimited rental kilometres. 


Renting a motorhome is just like driving one; very easy and smooth. No previous experience with motorhomes is required. You only need a B level driving licence for passenger cars. Our friendly and professional staff will show you how to use the rental motorhome before you start your trip. They will gladly answer all your questions related to motorhomes or destination details throughout your holiday. All you need to bring along are your personal items and a cheerful holiday mood!



Touring Cars´ rental fleet represent one of the highest quality rental motorhomes available and most of our German manufactured Hobby rental fleet is almost brand new. This is because we renew a big part of our fleet annually to keep our premium fleet fresh. The factory introduces new models and facelifts regularly so the actual motorhome may vary from photographs and illustrations. Motorhome types, specifications and layouts shown in our marketing material are for illustrative purposes only.

In some rare situations, the reserved vehicle might need to be changed to a different camper category or model. In this situation the camper upgrade will be provided at no charge to you. Touring Cars reserves the right to change any specifications stated and/or supply similar or higher class camper for the confirmed price without any notification.


rental motorhome driving near a meadow



One-way motorhome rentals enable picking up the motorhome in one of our rental stations and returning the camper to another rental station or selected one-way destination. One-way rental is a magnificent opportunity to explore even the remotest corners of each country when you don´t have to plan the drive back. This saved time also allows you to explore exciting sights you would not visit normally. 

One-way rentals are available for an additional fee for as low as 115EUR. Check the fees from our online booking engine.

rental motorhome driving towards a town


All of our high quality motorhomes are fully equipped for an enjoyable holiday including:

  • Full kitchen ware
  • Full table ware
  • First aid kit
  • Instant tire repair kit
  • Cleaning set
  • Multilingual instruction booklet
  • Mosquito nets
  • Blinders
  • 12 V / 220 V outlets
  • Electricity cable
  • GPS Navigation
  • Vehicle leveling blocks
  • Two full gas bottles*

There is also a wide range of additional items you can add to your rental such as camping sets, grill, baby seats and much more. We recommend booking these additional items in advance to ensure availability. Complete list of these items is available in the booking engine.

*Gas consumption is not included in the rental price so you need to refill the gas bottles before returning your rental motorhome. Gas bottle replacements are available at the Touring Cars motorhome rental stations and many local petrol stations.


We are committed to ensure your little ones are kept as safe as possible on their motorhome holiday adventure. All passengers should be seated with seatbelt-fastened when the motorhome is in move. Children, whose height is less than 135 cm, should use baby seat. Touring Cars provides baby seats by availability only, but takes no responsibility attaching them to the camper for the clients. 

Our modern top brand rental motorhomes are equipped with the latest safety features including airbags in the front seats. Do not attach a rear-facing seat to the front seat of the motorhome because of the airbags. Touring Cars do not recommend any child under 135 cm or under 12 years to travel in the front seat or without any safety device.

finland forest



Most of the rental motorhome models have plenty of room for your luggage but we recommend you to use soft suitcases instead of hard ones because you can fit them inside the luggage compartment of the camper much nicer. In many rental locations we can offer you with the possibility to leave your empty suitcases at our rental station until your return.



Get the most out of your vacation with rental motorhome.



When starting your motorhome rental holiday, our staff member will pick you up from the airport according to details given at your reservation. Touring Cars focus on customer care and service. All of our motorhome rental prices include a transfer to and from airports listed in the country introduction page and here below. If you require transfer services from any other airport or location, please contact us in well advance and we will do our best to arrange this for you.  

person signing a motorhome rental contract


Airport transfers are included to rental rates from and to following airports: ​

  • Helsinki-Vantaa, Finland
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Evenes, Norway
  • Keflavik International Airport, Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Malaga, Spain
  • Malmö, Sweden
  • Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Nantes, France
  • Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen, Norway
  • Riga, Latvia
  • Rovaniemi, Finland
  • Rygge Lufthavn, Norway
  • Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden
  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • Tromsø, Norway
  • Trondheim, Norway
  • Zagreb, Croatia
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If you´re staying the night before your rental at a hotel in any of the airports listed above, we are happy to pick you up on the rental day. These transfer services are included to your motorhome rental price. You can request the transfer service by providing the flight details, or the details of your hotel to Touring Cars Sales office via email You will receive a confirmation email when the transfer service has been added to your reservation. If the travel date is closer than one week, please contact the rental station directly. Contact details can be found from your reservation confirmation letter.

When you don´t need transfer services and you make your own way to Touring Cars motorhome rental Station, remember to inform us beforehand to avoid any delays in service. Rental Stations are open 24/7* by appointment only. Arriving without notice may result delays in service.

*24/7 rental pick-up/drop-off is not available in Iceland


hotel receptionists waiting behind the counter



At the Touring Cars motorhome rental station, you will be offered some refreshments whilst you see an orientation video to your rental motorhome.  Our trained staff member will also give you personal attention and show you how to use your state of the art motorhome. To give you a possibility to familiarise yourself with the motorhome in a comfort of your own sofa, this orientation video is also available in English here below. 

Touring Cars personnel is praised for their high standards in customer care. We want to provide you the holiday of a lifetime with a feeling that we´re there to support you when and where ever needed. To deliver that promise you will be provided with Road Side Assistance telephone number and your rental station staff will be available 24/7 to ensure your holiday is unforgettable without any unnecessary delays or technical problems.

To help you to get the most out of your holiday, and to give you best local travel tips, our rental stations have gathered information on local services and route ideas. This material will be available at the local rental station.



Motorhome orientation is carried out thoroughly at each Touring Cars rental station according to our standardized service model. Due to this in depth orientation, the vehicle pick-up could take up to 2 hours.



All of our motorhomes are easy to drive. A valid B level driver’s license is required for all motorhome rentals in Europe. Driver must also meet the age and driving experience requirements of the rental location. Please see the country information page for rental destination specific information. The renter and each additional authorized driver must be present to sign the Rental Agreement and provide an a acceptable credit card (debit cards not accepted). Additional drivers can be added during the online booking process when making the reservation. This is also something that can be easily added to your rental agreement later on so you can also give us the details of any additional drivers at the local rental station upon the pick up of your rental motorhome.

A credit card is required for a vehicle rental, like generally with the hotel reservations. The credit card will be used as a deposit of your booking. In addition, the credit card will be used only with the additional costs (such as rent extension, missing fuel or gas bottle, or deductible charge of damage claims) charged after rental.


Accepted drivers licence must have been issued in the state that is a party to the Geneva and Vienna Conventions on Road Traffic.

looking out of a rental motorhome window at a mountain view


Touring Cars motorhome rental commence with a full tank of diesel. When returning the camper, rental client needs to re-fill the diesel tank. The fuel does not include to the rental price. The fuel consumption varies while en route depending on your manner to drive. Please remember to turn off engine and all ignition sources including gas appliances, refrigerator, hot water heater, and stove each time you refuel your motorhome.

When starting your exciting motorhome holiday in Europe, there are two full gas bottles ready for use in the motorhome. We advice you to replace any opened gas bottles before returning your rental motorhome.  Otherwise you might be asked to compensate Touring Cars for any opened bottle. 

rental motorhome on the side of the road and a woman leaning on the side


All our rental motorhomes excluding category mini, are self contained. This means they are suitable for camping and enjoying authentic local nature anywhere where camping is allowed even without any supporting facilities.  A self-contained motorhome has a heating, shower, toilet and enough fresh water and waste water storage for at least three days of camping. While freedom camping is a wonderful way to experience the backblocks of any country, care must be taken to respect the camping policies of each country and community and minimize the impact of your stop over on local natural resources. If you´re not familiar with the local customs regarding freedom camping, we recommend you to use local camping grounds when possible. Our rental station staff is also happy to give you more information about best local practices.

More information on camping and list of local campsites
for Iceland:   


rental motorhome driving towards a mountain range and a reflection of a woman smiling on the side mirror





Touring Cars provides you a 24/7 Road Side Assistance in each of our destination country. Although our top brand motorhomes represent the highest technical quality and they are well maintained between each rental, mechanical problem situations cannot be ruled out completely. In such unlikely event you are advised to call us immediately and report any technical problems you are experiencing. Our experienced support team will take the lead and recommend proper actions to solve any problem situation as fast as possible. We have a mechanic on standby 24/7 and replacement vehicles available in case needed. Please follow any guidance and recommendations of our support team. Failure to follow their guidance may revoke your right for a compensation consideration later on so its important that you keep us informed and let us help you.


In case of an accident you need to inform Touring Cars motorhome rental station immediately. If other parties are involved, make sure to have a full insurance form filled in with signatures and police report if available.


Touring Cars´ motorhome rental fleet consists of top-end motorhomes. And according to our service promise, they have accumulated a maximum of 100,000 mileage. This is why we have included a local collision insurance to all of our motorhome rental prices. This means that you´re covered for accidental damage to the motorhome and public liability, as long as you´re not negligent or irresponsible. Interior damages are not covered by this insurance unless they occur in a traffic accident, fire or theft. Furthermore this does not cover personal medical expenses, baggage or other personal property, unless the damage is directly connected to a traffic accident.

Insurance level included to our rental prices is called TC Basic and it comes with a fixed deductible per accident or damage. In practice it means that if your rental motorhome is damaged, you are required to contribute to the cost of replacement or repair up to the excess (deductible) amount. These deductible amounts are country specific. Please see the country page for country specific deductible amounts. 

You can reduce the amount you need to contribute (your excess) by taking one of our additional cover packages. Touring Cars is one of the very few rental companies to provide deductible as low as 0€ euros / per damage. Additional cover can be selected and added to your motorhome rental during the booking process or at the pick up of your rental camper.

Please note that only authorized driver included in the rental agreement can operate the rental motorhome. The person who signs the agreement is fully responsible for any possible damages caused by an unauthorized driver. In addition, any additional insurance coverage will be voided if an unauthorized driver operates the rental motorhome.


As with the rental car services in generally, we reserve a full deductible amount on drivers' credit card, presented at pick up as deposit. This means that we, as a rental service provider make a reservation for the customer's credit card for a specified amount as a guarantee for the rental. However, the sum (bond) will be released and immediately removed after the vehicle is returned and the condition inspection is finished. We advice you to ensure in advance that credit limit is sufficient for the selected insurance level and its deposit amount and foreign charges are enabled for your credit card.



With Touring Cars rental motorhome, you are allowed to drive in the Nordic countries freely. Driving to countries outside the Nordic countries is permitted only in case this permission has been granted at the time of booking by Touring Cars.


Its one of the great advantages of the motorhome traveling to be able to see so much more. It is often possible to cross country borders but client is always obligated to ask for permission from Touring Cars when traveling outside the country where the rental station is located. Traveling outside the country where you picked up your rental motorhome will also have effect on the insurance deductibles which are two times higher.  Also special insurance requirements ought to be followed. Rental stations also hold the right to limit the deductible to TC Plus in case of the motorhome is driven outside the country where the rental station is located.

For motorhomes traveling outside their country of origin a special validity certificate for insurance called Green Card is required. It takes few days to get this document so please inform us in well advance for any plans to drive outside the country where you will pick up your rental motorhome. In some countries also additional traffic insurance may be required when entering. If so, it may be bought at customs when crossing the border.


Traveling to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine is not allowed under any circumstances with Touring Cars Rental Motorhomes rented from Europe.



Touring Cars is one of the only rental companies providing flexible rental services 24/7. We dedicate our expertise and customer care to each and every client and the only way to ensure we always have enough time to give you the individual attention you deserve is to perform all rental actions by appointment basis. In other words we will dedicate a specific time between 08:00 and 18:00 to serve you only. You are welcome to return the motorhome also outside these normal office hours but the services between 18:00 and 08:00* are subject to additional service fee and availability.   *Service limitations in Iceland


rental motorhome on the side of the road at nightfall

Our rental stations are often busy and vehicles need several hours turnaround time before the vehicle is carefully checked for technical condition, thoroughly cleaned and personally prepared for the next client. It is therefore very important that also you will return your rental motorhome in time. Additional fees may be charged if the motorhome is returned later than at the agreed drop-off time. Touring Cars may also charge possible monetary losses from the client if their actions delay next rental of the rental camper.

If you wish to change your drop-off time, please forward this wish to us at least 24 hours in advance and we are happy to seek alternative time slot for you if/when possible.  However due to high number of daily rental actions Touring Cars rental station has to approve any changes you wish to do to the original return time. 


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  • Fill up the diesel tank
  • Fill up the gas bottles 100%
  • Empty trash cans and remove all litter out of the vehicle
  • Empty and wipe the fridge
  • Empty and rinse the toilet cassette
  • Empty your vehicles grey water tank
  • Clean the stove top
  • Ensure that the overall cleanliness is ok
  • DO NOT wash the exterior of the vehicle


rental motorhome parked at sunset



In case of cancellation or shortening confirmed reservations, the following charges will be applied as follows from value of the motorhome holiday:

  • Minimum of 200 € will be charged if a confirmed booking is cancelled
  • 29 days to 22 days prior to departure: 25 % of the total amount
  • 21 days to 16 days prior to departure: 50 %
  • 15 days to 1 day prior to departure: 100 %
  • Departure day or no-show: 100 %

Touring Cars reserves the right to instantly release and resell the reserved motorhome upon receiving the information about a no-show or receiving the definitive cancellation.


We recommend to purchase an additional travel insurance. Travel Insurance may entitle you to reimbursement in case of a last minute cancellation of your reservation or damaged rental vehicle. It is good practice to keep a proof of travel insurance with the you when travelling.