Last Chance Luxury Motorhome Rental Offer


Summer is at its best in the Baltic right now! Enjoy the warm weather, budget-friendly yet high-quality cuisine, nice people and good roads! There are still few motorhomes waiting for summer vacationist and now is your last chance to book your next motorhome holiday in the heart of Baltic. 


Summer Offering

The trendy and upcoming destinations Riga and Tallinn have special daily rates for August allowing you to roam in the two countries with a -15% daily rate discount*. To guarantee a great time on your special vacation we also give you free of charge Ready To Go package (worth 120€)! Book your lovely motorhome holiday and enjoy the warm culture of Latvia and Estonia.



These luxury motorhomes are still available to rent**

Van category availability: 1.-14.08, 14.-19.08, 25.-31.08, 26.-31.08 
Medium category availability: 12.-31.08, 16.-31.08, 17.-31.08, 25.-31.08
Large category availability: 1.-15.08, 20.-31.08
Family category availability: 16.-24.08


*The discount is valid only for the new bookings and the discount is given to dates between 1. -31.08.18.  Please do not include the ready to go package to your booking, instead please write to the notes the following campaign code: 

** These days will be booked fast, so take actions now to ensure your holiday. Please check the updated availability via chat.



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