Rental Prices



Camper rental price is formed from the base charge and the daily rental prices. Each calendar day will be charged.

Our camper rental stations are open daily from 8:00 - 18:00. However, as one of the most flexible rental companies we are happy to provide our motorhome rental services at any time of the day in case needed. However it's good to note that additional fees may apply if either the pick-up or the drop off of the rental camper takes place outside these office hours.


  • No minimum camper rental period
  • Unlimited rental mileage
  • The flexible possibility to pick-up or drop-off your rental camper by agreed appointment between 08.00 - 18.00 seven days a week. 24/7 rental services are also available but additional fees and/or limitations may apply depending on the destination country. 
  • 24 h phone camper service for all road side questions
  • Rental camper replacement service in case of any major malfunction
  • VIP airport transfer services for all guests – without additional price. Service is offered from/to main airport of each destination country. Please see the list of valid airports in the country page.
  • Personal customer service and introductions to your rental camper. We allocate as much time to customer service at the pick-up and drop-off as required. Average duration of a pick-up is 1-2 hours
  • High quality rental camper from our fleet of new top brand quality motorhomes including special categories such as Luxury
  • Air-conditioning in driver´s cabin 
  • Navigation 
  • All of our camper rental prices include comprehensive insurance (excess/deductible applies)
  • High quality kitchen and dining ware. We also have a great variety of different additional items that can be booked following your wishes. Make your selections in online booking. 
  • Free of charge information package giving you good insight to travelling with a camper in the destination country. Available at the camper rental stations upon pick up.
  • Vehicle levelers in all motorhomes (tire wedges)
  • Electricity cables and water hoses



With a Touring Cars camper rental you have the possibility to return the camper to a different location than where the pick-up was. This is your opportunity to save time and experience more!

One-way camper rentals are available for an additional fee for as low 450€ / per one way. 

All of our one-way rental prices include 2 bottles of gas and priority rental checkout with post rental check-up. One-way fees and availability are dependent on the location. The price of the one-way is included in the rental total shown on the online booking engine, if applicable.

rental motorhome on the side of the road and a woman leaning on the side



Airport transfers included in your rental price
Airport transfers from selected airports are included in your camper rental price. Please see the list of valid airports on the destination page. Airport transfer has to be requested separately with complete arrival details: arrival flight number and the estimated arrival time of the flight. Airport transfer is available on request  for all clients on the rental pickup date, and back to the airport after the motorhome has been returned.

Other transfers
If you need additional transfers we are happy to cater your individual needs but please contact us well before your journey. These transfers need to be booked and paid for in advance. 


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Additional driver

All drivers must be registered on the rental agreement for insurance and deductible to be valid. One driver is included in all rental prices and additional drivers can be added in our online booking portal. 

Late / Early service surcharge

Touring Cars rental stations are open all year round, 24 / 7 basis on appointment in all locations. We are also happy to provide you with the camper rental services outside our office hours between 18:00 – 08:00 but these services are subject to additional pricing and availability. Our online booking engine will automatically adjust your rental price if you choose for your service to take place between 18:00 - 08:00.

Final Cleaning

We will clean the vehicle for you before your journey. When you return your rental camper back to a Touring Cars rental station you should ensure that all rubbish is taken out from the vehicle, and that the toilet cassette is emptied together with all grey water tanks. We are happy to do all of that for you with a small additional price. Enjoy your holiday and leave the cleaning and basic drop off duties to us. 

Pet cleaning fee

We welcome furry family members to our rental vehicles. To ensure all clients can enjoy a spotless and allergy free vehicle, any rental camper that has carried furry family members will go through a thorough cleaning and ozone treatment after the rental. This service comes with a small extra price which varies depending on the country. If you´re traveling with a pet, please select the pet cleaning fee from the booking engine.

City Transfers

To make your stay and experience with us as hassle free as possible, we are happy to offer you transfer services from / to downtown locations and hotels as well as airports a bit further away. These additional pickup transfers need to be booked and prepaid, no on-the-spot payment option is available.




Our high quality rental campers are expensive to repair or replace so it may cost you up to hundreds or even thousands of euros per incident unless you have additional insurance or you have purchased our additional insurance cover which will limit your excess (deductible) or even waive it completely. All of our rental prices include the TC Basic insurance level but there are three additional levels to choose from:

  • TC Plus
  • TC Premium
  • TC Total


Windshield and tire protection
Windshield and tires need to be covered separately. The minimum purchase is 7 days for TC Plus, TC Premium and Windshield and tire protection. The TC Total minimum purchase is 10 days. More information about insurance deductibles and conditions in our General Info section


rental motorhome driving towards a mountain range and a reflection of a woman smiling on the side mirror



As well as providing you with a beautiful quality rental camper, we have gathered some optional extras to choose from to make your camper holiday even more comfortable. From a camping set to child booster seats, choose the ones you need. If there is something that is not listed in the booking engine please contact us after the booking and we will do our best to get it for you. 

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Renting motorhome could not be easier

1. Go to the front page

2. Select the dates you want to travel

3. Choose the destination for your journey

4. Press *Continue booking' button

5. Choose the vehicle suitable for your needs

6. Press *Continue booking' button

7. Select the additional services and items

8. Press *Continue booking' button

9. Sign in for Login (in case of partial payment and returning customers) 

10. Fill in the information for the order

11. Choose payment 

12. Send your booking to get the confirmation

Notice our new partial payment option for online bookings: 

Pay only 200€ pre-payment booking fee and rest of the payment will conduct 45 days before your vacation starts.