This option reduces the amount you need to contribute (your excess) in case of an accident.
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If the motorhome is damaged, you are required to contribute to the cost of replacement or repair up to the excess (deductible) amount. If there's more than one incident in which the motorhome is damaged, a separate excess applies for each incident. You can reduce the amount you need to contribute (your excess) if you take one of our insurance packages such as this one. 

With TC PLUS your deductible / self-risk level is as follows; 

  • Bulgaria 1200 EUR
  • Norway 12000 NOK
  • Sweden 14000 SEK
  • Finland 1200 EUR
  • Estonia 1200 EUR
  • Madrid 1200 EUR
  • Barcelona 1200 EUR
  • Malaga 1000 EUR
  • Latvia 1200 EUR
  • Iceland 1200 EUR
  • Chester 1000GBP
  • Glasgow/Edinburgh 1000GBP
  • Russia 1200 EUR
  • Croatia 1200 EUR

Please note that the minimum reduction period for TC plus package is 7 days or equivalent monetary payment. 


This does not cover damages with windshield or tyre. Please see "WINDSHIELD AND TYRE PROTECTION - OPTIONAL, TC" . 

Or whether you want to purchase one wide package, please see "EXCESS REIMBURSEMENT POLICY - OPTIONAL, 3.Party".