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Touring Cars motorhome rental vehicles are designed with special care to fit the needs of our customer base. In cooperation with the leading motorhome manufacturer, Hobby, our Premium rental fleet guarantees the timeless design for a fresh-looking rental product. All destinations have places where camping infrastructure is not available. Not to worry, all of our campervan rental units can be operated without any camping infrastructure, even during the winter months.


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Nothing can be easier with a high-quality, fully equipped motorhome. Enjoy our five-star rated exclusive auto campers from small motorhomes to large campervans. Find out further details of Touring Cars Premium rental fleet features.

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VAN - for 2

Great for city breaks and holidays for couples 

The compact VAN motorhome category is a true eye-catcher with its dynamic exterior design. These compact van-style motorhome models are perfectly suited for urban streets or cruising down the narrow serpentine roads in the mountains. Its state-of-the-art, timeless exterior design is a guaranteed head turner also at camping sites.

Although the exterior measurements are small, the camper van includes the same wonderful facilities as our bigger models: state-of-the-art bathroom and fully equipped cooking facilities.

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SMALL - for 2

Easy option for couples to enjoy an even longer luxury vacation on wheels

Our Premium SMALL category rental camper is the most popular category for 2-people vacations. It is the perfect choice for a couple planning a private holiday full of experiences. With a compact camping car, it is easy to drive on narrow scenic routes, as well as urban streets.

The interior of this SMALL rv rental category is designed for two people. This category has sleeping facilities for two at the rear of the vehicle and a spacious dining area in the front of the vehicle. Also, this small camper rental category includes a state-of-the-art bathroom and fully equipped cooking facilities.

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motrohome small category

MEDIUM - for 4

Enjoyable luxury holidays for up to four people

This rental camper category is probably the most versatile one. It offers you a five-star home base that you can easily take to the most remote locations. RV motorhome rental is it perfect choice to explore the shores of the Arctic Ocean, as well as cruising through the white-washed villages in Southern Spain. Premium MEDIUM vehicle category accommodates up to 4 people and provides excellent storage facilities.

Premium category rv rental motorhomes are all beautiful semi-integrated models. Owing to its size, this category suits both urban streets and rural scenic routes. 

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FAMILY - for 5 and 6

Great option for a memorable family vacation

Premium FAMILY camping car category vehicles have been designed to accommodate a family of up to 6 people. Family category rental campers have been designed specifically with kids in mind: the whole family can enjoy additional dining space and children just love the bunk bed at the back of the motorhome In addition, there is a generous front bed/drop down bed plus a third double bed that can be made from the seating area in the middle of the motorhome in a minute.  Traveling in a Family category rental motorhome is fun. The kids can play at the seating area whilst safely fastened with the three-point seat belts, and enjoying the obligatory snacks passed from the front seats.

Family for 5 Family for 6


LARGE - for 5 and 6

Best option for groups of up to six with a lot of luggage

Our Premium LARGE motorhome rental category vehicles offer the biggest possible storage space and room for all your belongings. When choosing this vehicle category, you don’t need to leave anything behind. Campers in LARGE feature three double beds: one in the alcove at the front of the vehicle, one can be transformed from the seating area at the middle of the rental motorhome, and one at the rear of the RV.

These especially well-designed RV camping car category vehicles allow you to make yourself comfortable or invite friends for a fun day of cruising anywhere in Europe.

Large for 5 Large for 6


LUXURY - for 2 and 4

The suite of motorhomes

If fine is not enough, we offer the best. Our LUXURY motorhome rental category present luxurious ‘on-the-road homes’  equipped for up to four people. In these exclusive rental motorhomes, everything, down to the smallest details of the interior, is top-quality. 

The interior of this RV rental category provides you with fine design from corner to corner and from bottom to the top. LUXURY category is equipped with a TV set and air-conditioning also in the living quarters. In addition, camping car models feature premium kitchen ware and, if ordered, premium bed linens. If you are used to five-star facilities, this is your choice!

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