Cancellation Policy



In case of cancellation or shortening the duration of the rental period, or removing any booked item or service, charges will be applied from the total value of the booking as follows:

  • 30 or more days prior to departure: 200 EUR/ 2000 NOK/ 2000 SEK / 170 GBP
  • 29 days to 22 days prior to departure: 25%
  • 21 days to 16 days prior to departure: 50%
  • 15 days to 1 day prior to departure: 100%
  • departure day or no-show: 100%

Touring Cars holds the right to cancel your booking if no full payment has been received 45 days prior to the booking’s departure.

Touring Cars also reserves the right to immediately release and resell the rental of the reserved motorhome after booking’s cancellation or no-show is confirmed.

In case of any changes to your booking, please contact International Sales Office.

General rental terms and conditions



If your travel is affected by the pandemic, you can postpone your booking for any travel period until December 31st, 2022 for the same travel location, without any additional fees. For postponed bookings, we issue vouchers for the full paid value of the booking. Travels cannot be postponed into the year 2023 and further.

When postponing has been requested less than 30 days prior to departure, we issue vouchers for the paid amount of the booking, excluding a nonrefundable cancellation fee of 200 EUR / 2000 NOK / 2000 SEK / 170 GBP.

In case of a no-show, booking will be subject to 100% cancellation fee and cannot be postponed.

Vouchers cannot be sold, exchanged for cash, or combined with discounts or campaigns. Vouchers are not valid after the indicated expiry date.



Carefree booking with a Cancellation Protection

By choosing Cancellation Protection alongside online booking process, you are allowed to cancel your booking without any particular reason latest 48 hours prior to departure, and you will be refunded. Cancellation requests latest 48 hours prior to departure should be sent at The down-payment (200 EUR / 2000 SEK / 2000 NOK / 170 GBP) and cancellation protection fee will not be refunded.


Cancellation Protection’s terms and conditions:

The Cancellation protection can only be purchased at the moment of creating the booking and cannot be added to an existing booking afterwards.* The Cancellation Protection cannot be removed from the booking once purchased. In case of reducing days from the booking at a later stage, the Cancellation Protection price will remain the same as it was when the booking was initially created – that is, it will not be reduced. If the booking is extended, the Cancellation Protection price will increase accordingly.

In case of cancellation, when Cancellation Protection is purchased, the charges will be applied from the value of your booking as follows: for cancellation more than 48 hours prior to departure, full amount will be refunded, excluding a fixed cancellation fee of 200 EUR / 2000 SEK / 2000 NOK / 170 GBP + Cancellation Protection purchase price,** for cancellation closer than 48 hours prior to departure, 100% cancellation fee applies (the Cancellation Protection is not effective).

*Cancellation Protection cannot be purchased for postponed bookings.

**Cancellation Protection purchase price is determined based on the value of your rental and is visible in the website booking engine after proceeding to the “Select services” page.



In case of an accident please inform Touring Cars motorhome rental station immediately. If other parties are involved, make sure to have a full insurance form filled out with signatures and police report if available.

To avoid such unwanted circumstances, please, have a look at the General Motorhome Rental Info page, with full description of the process before departure and after return.

Guide For Motorhome Rentals


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