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Touring Cars motorhome rental company and franchise chain operates actively, with over 35 years of strong presence and background, as the highest quality of service provider with major focus in mind: high quality service range and customer care. A dedicated international team constantly supports the demanding destinations across Europe with its service-oriented attitude, and is available to answer all your questions.

Not just a hotel room!

Renting a motorhome can be the most unique experience of a lifetime, the most convenient way to explore the untouched nature and relax in rich environment. Touring Cars´ mission is to offer incomparable freedom on a holiday and fulfill each client´s individual vacation dreams in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Spain, United Kingdom and Bulgaria.



Fully equipped & customised accommodation - Well-maintained & sanitized vehicles Airport transfers - 24/7 Road service - Unlimited mileage


Where is the Operating Headquarter Office of Touring Cars?

Touring Cars, the luxury motorhome rental franchise company was founded in and operates from Helsinki, Finland. The address of Touring Cars headquarters is Tiilenlyöjänkuja 6, 01720 Vantaa, Finland.

The motorhome rental stations are available in 11 countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, United Kingdom, Russia, Croatia, Spain and Bulgaria) which allows Touring Cars travelers to enjoy endless possibilities of freedom and to discover many places with a motorhome. 

How can I contact Touring Cars International Sales Office?

Touring Cars Sales Office is available for services all year round (except during bank holidays). The sales office is open from Monday to Friday 09:00 - 16:00 (GMT +2)​ through the following phone number: +358 (0)9 849 4050. 

If you would like to request a motorhome rental, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: 


What kind of Early Bird discounts are issued at Touring Cars?

We will provide discounted rates for agent and international bookings (from the sales office) if booked and paid early. If the final invoice is settled before the due date the following discounts will be applied.

  • 4% OFF applies if the rental is booked before November 30th

  • ​2% OFF applies if the rental is booked before January 31st


What is the minimum rental length at Touring Cars?

Our minimum rental length is 1 day. One day rental means that the pickup and return will be held on the same day. Each calendar day will be charged. So, we consider two rental days in practice when the vehicle is being collected on Monday afternoon and returned on Tuesday morning. Please, consider that rental value consists of the Base charge and daily fees, which makes sense to these 1-3-day rentals. It means that officially the cheapest rental starts at 300€ (Base charge is around 270€ + cheapest daily fees start around 50€.)


What long rental discounts are ​​issued at Touring Cars?

Long rentals, starting from longer than 14 days, have discounted daily rates according to the following intervals:

  • ​15 - 29 days -2%

  • 30 - 44 days -11%

  • +45 days -20%​


What is the overall process of a motorhome rental?

Touring Cars website serves as a booking engine to reserve a motorhome and to check live availability of the offered products. If the motorhome is successfully reserved, we will request flight details and primary contact details. These details allow a Touring Cars professional to be present at an arrival and warmly greet our guests at the airport.


Can I rent a motorhome in winter period?  

Absolutely! All our rental vehicles can be used during winter. Each motorhome is equipped with snow tyres and includes additional winter accessories. Our rental stations will equip motorhome with the correct tyre set according to the local legislation requirements. Additionally, special attention is required regarding the use of the water system in the motorhome during winter. You will be carefully instructed at the vehicle pickup for the use of the water system during cold weather.


What driver´s license do I need?

All our vehicles can be driven with licenses comparable to standard European B license. Kindly, double check with your local transit authorities the validity of your license in the destination country, if your license is issued outside the EU. You may be required to attain an international driving permit.


Is it possible to register an additional driver to the rental agreement?  

All drivers must be registered to the rental agreement for insurances and deductible to be valid. Therefore, it is possible to add as many drivers as you need to your rental agreement. In addition to the main driver, you can include 1 additional driver free of charge, when booking online. This option is automatically included to your booking.


Can I travel with my pet? 

We welcome all pets to all our rental vehicles. Keep in mind that the pet cleaning service should be booked in advance, if you would like to bring your pet with you. Pet cleaning fee includes thorough cleaning and ionizing treatment for the motorhome after the rental.


Can I travel outside of my destination country?

Yes, you can. If you are planning to visit several countries with the rental vehicle, please contact our international sales office via in advance to verify the requirements for possible insurance documents.

  • Travelling within the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden and Finland) does not require any special attention concerning approval, when a rental vehicle has been collected from one of these countries. However, when collecting your rental vehicle from the pickup station, kindly notify the station staff about your plans to visit other countries in Scandinavia. Also kindly check the latest National travel restrictions before and during your journey.

  • Travelling to Russia, Belarus or Ukraine is not allowed with vehicles rented from our European stations.

  • When renting from Russia, travelling abroad is allowed when requested in advance, kindly, notice that a Green Card is required. Traveling to Ukraine is not allowed.

What does the green card stand for?

The green card is not in itself an insurance cover. It is a document recognized in all the participating countries as a proof that your vehicle has been insured to the necessary minimum, to meet the legal requirements of those countries. This requirement is often simply third-party insurance, covering you against a claim for damage you cause to another vehicle.

Do I need to have a green card (certificate for motorhome insurance) if I travel outside of my destination country?

Our rental station will take care of the green card after you inform our international sales office via if you plan to cross borders.

For more information, please visit our guide for rentals.


What does a Base Charge stand for?

The aim of the base char​​ge is to cover all cleaning, preparation, and customer service related duties for each rental.​

Services included in the base charge:

  • Reservation processing and customer service
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Basic interior cleaning
  • Technical checkup
  • V.I.P airport transfers; pickup transfer is always included from the default airport to the rental station. Airport transfer must be booked separately with complete arrival details (flight number and estimated arrival time).
  • Familiarization with the motorhome by standardized video format and personal introduction
  • Delivery and collection 7 days a week between 8:00 – 18:00 by appointment.
  • Holiday guidebooks and informative brochures about the holiday destination can be collected at the pickup station
  • 24/7 hotline roadside assistance phone


What does "out of office hours / night surcharge" stand for?

Touring Cars travelers can collect and return the motorhome without additional fees between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Additional fee does not apply when customer service process starts the earliest at 8 a.m. or the latest 6 p.m. However, if a flight is scheduled to be landing at 5:30 p.m., and we always give 45 minutes to customers to collect the luggage, then the meeting is scheduled to happen at 6:15 p.m., then the additional charge will be applied.



My payment did not go through, what can I do? 

We recommend that you contact your bank to ensure your daily limit for online purchases is sufficient for the value of the payment, and that there are no regional security restrictions. Please, note that our website is optimized for Google Chrome and therefore issues might occur when using other browsers. Please, contact if you require additional support. 


Can I pay my rental in parts? 

If your planned departure date is in more than 45 days, you can complete an initial payment of 200 EUR / 2000 KR / 170 GBP to confirm your booking. Full payment of the booking must be received the latest 45 days prior to departure.  

If your planned departure date is closer than 45 days, the full payment of the booking must be completed during the booking process at once. 


How can we confirm the free pickup and drop-off transfers? 

The rental stations offer free transfers from the nearest international airports for your convenience. Some rental stations also provide transfers from selected hotels free of charge. You can include this information in the booking stage, or email to confirm possible flight numbers, landing times or hotel locations for your transfer to be scheduled. If your departure is in three days or less, please request your transfer options directly from your Touring Cars rental station


What insurance is included in my rental? 

All Touring Cars’ rentals include collision insurance with TC Basic deductible (self-risk) level. In case of an accident to the rental vehicle, you would have to pay maximum the deductible per damage, per accident or per lost item. The deductible amounts are country specific. The collision insurance covers the part of the monetary loss, which exceeds deductible value per damage. Insurance deductible does not cover interior damages which are not caused by traffic accident. 

You can reduce the deductible level by taking one of our additional insurance packages: TC Plus, TC Premium or TC Total. Additionally, you can purchase External Excess Reimbursement Policy or Windshield & Tyre Protection.

For more information, please visit this page


How long will the battery last in the motorhome? 

It depends on your consumption. The vehicle has two batteries, the engine battery and a separate one for the living area. Both batteries recharge while driving, and the living area battery can also be recharged with a cable provided with every motorhome. You can conveniently monitor your battery levels from the control panel inside the vehicle. 


How long will a gas bottle last in the motorhome? 

Your motorhome has two full gas bottles when you start your holiday. Both bottles should be returned full when you return your motorhome. Many of the appliances in the motorhome use gas to function including refrigerator, stove top and heating system. The average consumption is one bottle per week without the use of heating, but during the cold winter months you should be prepared to change the bottle more frequently.  For a hassle-free return, without a need to change the bottle, we recommend you book a gas bottle in advance.


What does Luxury category include?

Luxury category motorhome is a luxurious ‘on-the-road-homes’, where everything, down to the smallest detail of the interior, is top-quality. This motorhome category is equipped with air-conditioning in the living quarters as well as in the driver’s cabin. Additionally, this model features premium kitchenware, a TV, a welcoming gift of local Taste & Design (which includes local delicacies) and, when additionally purchased, premium pillows, duvets and bed linens.


What does a 24/7 road-side assistance stand for?

Touring Cars rental stations carry out the extra service if any technical issue occurs on the road during a motorhome holiday. Rental stations are committed to organize and provide this service when a motorhome is on the road.


To find the nearest gas station to your location, we suggest trying out:


To find the nearest camping site to your location, we suggest trying out: and

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