Tips for your first motorhome holiday

Tips for your first motorhome holiday

12 tips for first time renters 

A motorhome adventure is calling you, but what do you need to know in advance? 


Do you have an irresistible urge to explore the furthest corners, lushest forests, and purest waters of Europe as well as to discover new cultures and their traditional dishes, or to stay conveniently in the vicinity of activities?

Holiday on four wheels is just the perfect solution for your needs to enjoy the ultimate freedom to travel, stay overnight and observe surroundings with all your senses. It doesn't matter if you haven't travelled or driven a motorhome before. In this article, we've  gathered the most important tips to plan your road trip in Europe.


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1. Check your documents 

Firstly, remember to check the validity of your travel documents (passport or ID card) and health safety related travel documents. 

To rent a motorhome you will need category B driving licence that is valid in Europe and issued for manually transmitted vehicles as well as a valid credit card with deductible corresponding to your selected insurance package.  

Deductible is commonly used in vehicle rental agreements, and it defines the maximum sum the customer is obligated to pay for one damage in case of an accident or if the rented vehicle got damaged during the rental. The minimum deductible level is 1,500 GBP/ 2,800 EUR/ 28,000 SEK/ 28,000 NOK with the TC Basic insurance package (standard for all rentals). However, you can lower your deductible level by upgrading your insurance to TC Plus, TC Premium or TC Total with a small daily surcharge. You can read more about those additional services in the booking engine after defining your travel period and destination and choosing the desired vehicle category. 

Additionally, there are limitations to the driver's minimum age and minimum driving experience at all our rental stations. You can check the terms for each motorhome holiday destination from the country-specific information page.

Destinations / starting points

Initiatives: European Commission


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2. Plan your route 

Do you want escape the urban surroundings to enjoy silence of nature and fresh air? Or are you heading to a certain spot to enjoy a convenient stay next to your outdoor activities or event venue? Or do you want to hit the road to see and experience as much as possible on your next holiday?

All those options are possible on your motorhome holiday.

If you want to plan your getaway and create a road trip route, you can find wide selection of travel and activity tips on internet and in a variety of mobile applications as well as inspirational insights on Touring Cars' social media profiles and web site to map out your journey.

To get inspiration for your road trip, we recommend you watching travel vlogs and TV shows but also reading travel blogs, magazines, online recommendations, and insights from online travel hubs. You might get good tips also from your friends and parents to outline what to do during your holiday as the motorhome is key to freedom


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Additionally, please take a look at our route suggestions for good tips for incredible sights or local traditions to experience on your holiday.

Estonia / Baltics 

England / Wales  |  Finland 

Iceland  |  Lapland / Nordics 

Latvia / Baltics  |  Norway 

Scotland  |  Sweden

What are the places you were dreaming of visiting – hill tops you were dreaming of climbing to, lakes you were dreaming of swimming in and hidden gems you were dreaming of discovering?

Mark all these places on your digital or printed maps for future reference. On a motorhome holiday you can easily reach a wide range of sights and activity spots. Additionally, you will most likely love this easy-going lifestyle and convenient way to travel, like us; and will be eager to enjoy another motorhome holiday to explore authentic Europe even more closely. 


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3. Consider renting one-way  

If you want to explore many countries at once, you can avoid driving backwards by booking a one-way rental.  

With one-way rentals you can start your holiday in one country (or the local rental station) and finish it in another country (or another local station). This option allows you to experience more and enjoy the ultimate freedom on your motorhome holiday! Although, have in mind that one-way bookings usually come with an extra fee.

Our premium vehicles are equipped like home: refrigerator, gas stove (with two full gas bottles), complete cooking and dining ware to enjoy meals as you wish; as well as premium beds, toilet, and shower to take care of your daily routines and lot of storage space to bring along your activity equipment as well.  
So, make the most out of your time with the possibility to book a one-way holiday package! 

To make a one-way booking, please contact International Sales Office.  


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4. Travel more with less 

Make sure you benefit from our discounted rates when you travel for a longer period with a motorhome! 

We offer a 2% discount off daily rates for bookings with a duration of 15-29 rental days, an 7% discount off daily rates for bookings with a duration of 30-44 rental days, and a 15% discount for bookings with a duration of 45+ rental days at all our rental stations.  

Additionally, we have attractive last-minute offers and offseason travel deals very frequently. To be updated on latest tips and sales bargains, follow our social media profiles (see link on the site footer element) or subscribe to our inspirational newsletter. 

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5. Check camping grounds  

Despite the fact that you are able to travel and camp independently with your motorhome, we recommend stopping at a campsite or an official motorhome parking site at times to take care of regular maintenance measures for your rental vehicle to enjoy another 2-3 days of freedom with your homelike accommodation on the road. 

During your stay on site, connect to the electricity grid to charge your motorhome batteries and fill the freshwater tank. Remember to empty the grey water tank and toilet cassette only to service points reserved for emptying them. 

Motorhorming is a good way to enjoy a quick getaway and avoid crowded places. However, camping sites also enable a real active social life. During your stay you can meet like-minded travellers and mingle and chat with other travel enthusiasts. Who knows, maybe you hear some good tips from others or even make friends for life! However, be open-minded and stay connected with other people during your road trip, as that is the beauty of a motorhome lifestyle.

To find a nice parking place along your way to enjoy your next meal; or purchasing spot to change your gas bottles; or the nearest camping place to stay, we recommend you trying out these campground website-aggregators:   

Camping Europe

ACSI Eurocamping

Note, that if you plan on travelling during high season in summertime, it is always good to make reservations for camping grounds well in advance as good places may be filled up quickly! 


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6. Check restrictions on a wild camping  

If you plan on connecting with the nature by staying in the wilderness overnight, note that not all countries allow wild camping. 

Nordic countries such as Finland, Sweden and Norway have a special law called “The Everyman’s Rights” that allow its citizens and visitors to roam free and stay overnight wherever they want! The same right also allows everyone to enjoy the superfood gifts of nature freely. This means that when you park next to a forest, you are allowed to walk there and pick up freely some fresh berries and mushrooms as a side dish to your dinner meal or breakfast. So, remember to make the most out of it if you are visiting Nordic countries.  

We recommend checking restrictions on wild camping for countries you are planning to travel to before your holiday begins.

There are also plenty of mobile applications and social communities to chat and get tips for camping in Europe. We want to share some options with you. 

Park4night APP  

Caravanya APP APP


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7. Pack light and smart

Motorhoming represents the ability to be present in a moment, to maximize the usage of all your senses as well as to enjoy surroundings in its best and most authentic way. It also represents a down-to-earth, adventurous travelling type where you do not need any additional entertainment material or devices with you. Just enjoy everything each destination offers you. 

For your motorhome trip, we recommend packing smart, light and in a soft suitcase. Even though all of our motorhomes come with a spacious garage area and several cabinets to store your personal belongings, we recommend taking only necessary clothes, items, and devices for your trip.

Bring the most comfortable pair of shoes that you have for long walks and hikes, rainproof topcoat, and warm clothes for unpredictable weather, and of course, your camera with a camera charger to capture travel memories and share them with us on social media!   

Each of our local rental stations has their own individual list of additional items and vehicle range with e.g., bike racks to customize your holiday. Please, contact our International Sales Office to get more detailed information on 'vehicle extras' to get most out or your convenient travel type and compact homelike accommodation. 

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8. Book a motorhome for your travel needs

At first, you might think that it is difficult to choose the right motorhome category for your holiday needs.

We recommend that you check our Rental Categories subpage to read more detailed information about each category. But here are some definitions in a nutshell:  

  • For a solo-traveler, VAN life enjoyer friends or a couple to enjoy a nomad adventure: Choose TC VAN category, a compact vehicle for 2 people
  • For a couple to enjoy a romantic getaway or for a longer road trips, or parents with a small infant: Choose TC SMALL or TC SMALL LUXURY roomy option for 2 adults
  • For a family with a school kid or a teenager, or for a small friend group: Choose TC MEDIUM or paper yourself with a TC LUXURY a motorhome up to 4 people
  • For a family with school kids: Choose TC FAMILY 5 or TC FAMILY 6 with a comfortable rear bunk bed for your children (option for up to 5 or 6 people)
  • For a family with teenagers or for a large friend group: Choose roomy TC LARGE 5 or TC LARGE 6 with extra storage space (option for up to 5 or 6 people)

Please choose the most optional choice for your travel needs and read more detailed information about them from the link above. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact our International Sales Office.

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9. Remember to register all drivers 

All our manually transmitted vehicles can be driven with a valid category B driving licence. Additionally, they are easy to handle, drive and park. You do not need any prior experience with a motorhome. 

Did you know that we provide a free registration of the main driver and the additional driver to our rental agreements?  

During a long road trip, it is a matter of convenience and safety to change the driver at times to avoid any fatigue and to minimize the risk of an accident while on the road. If more than two people will be driving the campervan, make sure to include the service “additional driver” while completing your online booking on our website.  

A valid driving licence in Europe should be presented at the rental station by each traveller who will be in charge of driving the motorhome.  


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10. Pets are also welcome 

There is no need to ask your family or friends to take care of your dearest furry friends or to book a space in an expensive pet hotel while you are travelling abroad. Just take your four-legged friends with you! We welcome travellers with their pets at all our rental stations!

If you are taking your pets on a motorhome adventure, simply add the additional service “pet cleaning fee” while completing your online booking.

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11. Enough time for a pick-up 

Are you wondering at what time should you pick up the campervan from the station?

We recommend doing it in the morning or in the afternoon. There are two reasons behind this.

Firstly, some camping grounds might be closed overnight for security reasons and to avoid any unnecessary disturbance in the camping area at night. If you are heading to a certain camping site on your first day, we recommend picking up your rental vehicle in the morning. 

Secondly, our pickup process takes some time, during which you will sign the rental agreement and go through a thorough motorhome orientation with our employee to familiarize yourself with the use and driving of your rental vehicle. This process might take up to 2 hours and it requires your full concentration to go through all necessary measures with the vehicle to avoid unnecessary breakage.

Therefore, if you have a late evening flight arrival, we recommend staying overnight in an airport hotel, and scheduling the pick-up time with our free shuttle service the next morning, directly from your airport hotel. Then, you will be ready to absorb important information before heading to your memorable road trip.   

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12. Watch a motorhome orientation video  

All our European rental stations provide a thorough personal familiarization with the booked motorhome, prepared for your needs before you can hit the road. 
Our professional staff explains everything in detail, for example, how the heating or water system works. We make sure you understand how to operate the vehicle before you start your holiday.  

However, we recommend checking out our motorhome orientation video before your arrival to our rental station to speed up your pickup process and you have a chance to ask more detailed information. On our YouTube channel you will find a wide range of videos available for you to dive into the motorhoming world and to be prepared for your motorhome adventure. 

Additionally, we would like to remind you that our online road service is only at a phone call reach, 24/7 throughout your journey, also via WhatsApp.

More practical videos


Enjoy Good Feelings holiday with us

We hope this article illustrates how easy motorhome rental process is and how this easy-going travel type is truly a key to freedom in many ways. Motorhoming enables you to explore Europe or your home country from another perspective. 

Come and travel with us!

After your first motorhome holiday you might want to enjoy another road trip somewhere else in Europe. Once you have traveled with us, you are a part of our TC Family community and are able to enjoy some additional benefits with your future bookings. 

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